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Sewer Management Software

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Ensuring that wastewater assets are properly maintained is important to the health of a community iWorQ’s Sewer Management software helps agencies to better manage their assets, which will increase the life of your sewer system.Details managed in iWorQOur software application will help to increase efficiency by allowing you to see inspection tracking and history, upcoming inspections, asset conditions, locations, and labor …

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Business License Software

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Blog PostWorQ’s Licensing application can be used for various entities license types. The most popular way to use our licensing software is for managing business licenses. We have worked with agencies that are 2+ years behind on tracking licenses and renewal dates for the businesses in their cities. With iWorQ’s Business License software, you have the ability to ensure this doesn’t happen …

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Fleet Management Software

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Blog PostOne of our most popular applications in the public works software suite is Fleet Management. This application allows our customers to simplify tracking on every vehicle from heavy equipment to golf carts. The software’s dashboard uses customized fields to help your agency track and view any information needed, without having to change your current processes and business practices. You can also easily …

Pavement Rating

Why iWorQ Users Love Our Pavement Management System

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iWorQ Systems has been in business since 2001, has more than 1,200 customers throughout the United States, and is proud to offer one of the best pavement management applications in the market. Not only do we offer an exceptional pavement management system, but we also have experienced civil engineers onsite who rate city and roads all over the country to …

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Building Permit Software: Boost Productivity of Building Inspectors

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Get more doneWe know that building inspectors have very busy schedules between time spent traveling and performing all types of inspections. With iWorQ’s building permit software, a small change in how you manage each day can make a big difference. We help remove unnecessary tasks to make a building inspector’s job more productive. Using iWorQ’s building permit software can save …

City architecture

Planning and zoning management

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Planning and zoning requires regular tracking and enforcement. iWorQ’s web-based, mobile-ready planning and zoning software manages your planning and zoning cases, including design review, plan study, zoning appeals, variances, and project approval. View planning and zoning cases a glance, provide updates to constituents, collect fees, review plans, schedule inspections, track contractors and more with iWorQ. Your data is stored in …

Take your data with you with iWorQ

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Your data is critical to your operations. One of the best services iWorQ offers is data conversion from your legacy system. Most of iWorQ’s community development customers converted data from another software system. This article outlines the process for data conversion and implementation for a permit management application, but the same steps are used for any of our applications, including …

Code Enforcement Simplified

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One of the biggest tasks a code enforcement officer has is paperwork. iWorQ simplifies the paper trail with custom letters that code enforcement officers employ with just a few keystrokes in the field on an Internet-connected mobile device. Code officers have access to their cases, their activity schedules, and can enter notes from anywhere, including attaching pictures to cases from …

iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement Tool and Mobile Application

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iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement is available on Apple and Android phones and citizen engagement toolallows local government to receive and create service requests. This citizen engagement tool generates service requests from the field including a picture and location coordinates.Features of iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement Tool Central tracking location for citizen’s requests Connected to iWorQ’s other applications such as Work Management, Code Enforcement, …

Take Your Data With You

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switching from a legacy system to iWorQOne of the biggest concerns clients have when switching from a legacy system to iWorQ is what will happen to their existing data.Outlined here is what it takes to switch from your legacy software system to iWorQ’s web-based solutions. Many of iWorQ’s customers have converted from an existing software system. We convert data for …