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Blytheville Arkansas Streamlines Code Enforcement Process

 In this news clip you will see how iWorQ’s code enforcement cloud-based software is helping Blytheville, AR, streamline their condemnation processes.   iWorQ has been helping cities & counties for more than 18 years, and our applications make it easy for cities and counties to stay organized and allows users to effectively document, track, and find work orders on any …


2019 iWorQ Summit Checklist

The 2019 iWorQ Summit User Conference is coming up fast. We prepared a checklist to help you stay on top of things and to optimize your experience at the conference. 1.  Confirm travel plans: If you haven’t already, make sure you book your flight, transportation, and hotel. 2. Make notes of the questions you have about your applications, new things …

iWorQ stats on enhancements

iWorQ’s enhancements are driven by customer feedback.

In 2018 iWorQ’s development team documented, developed, tested, and implemented 1048 major feature enhancements to its software. The majority of these enhancements were created upon our client’s requests, helping cities and counties to better accomplish their daily tasks.   iWorQ has committed thousands of man-hours into research and development on our various applications. This commitment provides local government agencies with industry-leading …

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Guide to iWorQ’s GIS Mapping and Rest Services

In this guide, you will learn what GIS Mapping and Rest Services are. Then we will dive into how iWorQ’s Rest Services work, how to troubleshoot rest services, and we will go over FAQ’s. GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems. It is a system for visually managing and analyzing data by spatial location.  iWorQ’s GIS Mapping connects with all of …

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2019 iWorQ Summit Returns to Logan Utah

This exciting 2-day event will provide users with hands-on tactics and tools from our expert trainers. Get ready to discover more ways to streamline your agency with iWorQ Systems. Whether you’re just starting out with iWorQ Systems or are more experienced with our software, our conference is designed to ensure you get the knowledge and insight you need. You can …

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iWorQ Systems Announces Partnership with TextMyGov

iWorQ is known for its leadership in citizen engagement software with its effective web-based work management solutions. iWorQ has helped thousands of government agencies streamline their workflow processes. Now, iWorQ has taken things to the next level. Because texting is the most used and preferred form of communication, iWorQ has teamed up with TextMyGov to enhance citizen to city communication …

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iWorQ Launches New Portal For Community Development Departments

The new portal allows your citizens and contractors to apply for various permits online through configurable forms and gives them the ability to view current permits in the community. They can also upload code enforcement issues which in turn allows you to qualify it as a case or request more information.  Businesses can apply for their licenses online, and citizens …

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AWS GovCloud

iWorQ is proud to use AWS GovCloud to host our Community Development and Public Works applications. There are 5 main benefits that we found valuable when moving our information: Employs U.S. Citizens who are on U.S. soil Only accessible to vetted entities All account holders must verify they are a U.S. person Built to control sensitive information Manages regulated workloads …

Growth From Suggestions

At iWorQ we strive to continually improve the software by implementing suggestions from our users. At our annual user conference this summer, our development team took notes of suggested features that could be added to our applications.

Sign Management Software

During our annual user conference this summer, Rich Ataman from Brevard County, Florida did a guest presentation about how they utilize iWorQ’s software to manage their assets that serve their population of 500,000+ people.