Code Enforcement Simplified

Alexa BoseniWorQ Service

One of the biggest tasks a code enforcement officer has is paperwork. iWorQ simplifies the paper trail with custom letters that code enforcement officers employ with just a few keystrokes in the field on an Internet-connected mobile device. Code officers have access to their cases, their activity schedules, and can enter notes from anywhere, including attaching pictures to cases from their mobile device. iWorQ simplifies the paperwork element of code enforcement by leveraging data on the cloud real time in an easy-to-use application.

Codes and ordinances exist to protect property values, the rights of the citizen, neighborhood aesthetics and public safety. Cities and counties typically seek voluntary code compliance from citizens by providing direction and guidance for issue resolution.

With iWorQ’s code enforcement management app, officers and support staff streamline operations.

  1. Manage inspections, court dates, re-inspections, and all other activities
  2. Create violation letters, issue citations, and utilize custom checklists
  3. Associate parcel IDs with code enforcement cases
  4. Develop insight reports for management
  5. View and respond to citizen complaints in real time

Hundreds of organizations across North America use iWorQ’s applications developed for public works, fleet management, and community development. Simply put, iWorQ provides best-value management applications for cities and counties.

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