iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement Tool and Mobile Application

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iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement is available on Apple and Android phones and citizen engagement toolallows local government to receive and create service requests. This citizen engagement tool generates service requests from the field including a picture and location coordinates.

Features of iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement Tool

  • Central tracking location for citizen’s requests

  • Connected to iWorQ’s other applications such as Work Management, Code Enforcement, and Permit Management

  • Capable of attaching pictures and location coordinates

iWorQ develops affordable web-based solutions for city and county government for public works and community development. The iWorQ Request app for smartphones allows easier access and management of service requests. Many requests get lost and slip through the cracks unintentionally because cities and counties don’t have a central tracking location. The iWorQ’s citizen engagement tool is the solution to this problem. Once the request is submitted by phone, iWorQ manages the date of the request, the details, and converts the request to a work order, a code enforcement case, or to a permit application as needed.

Features of this app include attachment of a picture and a detailed description correlating with the job that needs to be done. The application allows users to submit latitude and longitude coordinates along with their request

Different Uses

Citizen engagement can also be used by employees to track and manage requests or items that need attention. Local governments can reduce liabilities by providing this tool for both their citizens and employees.

An account code assigned to each agency that the app user can enter in to send the request directly to that specific city or county. This creates an easy and effective way to track and manage any service requests, making sure none of them fall through the cracks.

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City of Freeport, Illinois recently featured iWorQ System’s Citizen Engagement on a news segment. Click here to watch and see how citizen engagement is helping benefit Freeport’s community.

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