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One of our most popular applications in the public works software suite is Fleet Management. This application allows our customers to simplify tracking on every vehicle from heavy equipment to golf carts. The software’s dashboard uses customized fields to help your agency track and view any information needed, without having to change your current processes and business practices. You can also easily look up mileage, VIN numbers, drivers, status’, assigned vehicle parts, and more. 

Fuel Usage

iWorQ’s software lets you upload fuel usage and mileage into the system. These numbers help to automatically generate a replacement rating on a vehicle as well as calculate future maintenance dates. Save time by letting employees enter fuel usage from mobile devices, generating real-time updates to everyone using the system. You can also upload fuel data into the system via a report if desired.

Vehicle Information & Maintenance

Inside of each vehicle’s information page, there are fields you can set up to track work orders, scheduled maintenance, assigned parts, fuel history, pictures and a replacement rating. Based on the information being entered and tracked, the system will generate a rating on each vehicle. Once a vehicle’s rating number exceeds 25, the software is letting you know that the vehicle may now cost more to maintain it than it would be to replace it.

Manage Every Detail

  • Within each work order that is assigned to a vehicle, you can track requested work, the status of the work order, all of the parts needed and costs of each part, assigned mechanics to the work order, and total cost of the entire work order.

  • Within each scheduled maintenance order, you will be able to set up mile intervals that let you know when a vehicle is due for new brakes, an oil change, a state inspection, and other scheduled maintenance. This function ensures that no scheduled maintenance is ever missed.

Reporting Made Easy

Fleet Management’s built-in reporting tool is simple to use and is similar to running reports in our other applications. Generate a list of parts and vendors, fuel usage for the month, maintenance logs, or other customized information within seconds. Our customers love being able to quickly compile information from the system instead of tracking down individuals and additional data.

Review of Fleet Management From Maui County

We asked one of our current Fleet Managment users, Maui County, to respond to a few questions regarding the application. Here were Connie Gouveia’s responses:

How were you tracking information for your fleet before iWorQ?
Prior to utilizing iWorQs, our garage records were kept in individual Word Perfect files and all information was manually entered.  It is was only accessible on a shared drive by a select few users.

What feature of the fleet management application has had the biggest impact on your day-to-day duties?
“The biggest impact I feel it has had on our operation is that all of our fleet can be accessed from one database by multiple users in different offices. It gives us a single, organized location where all repairs and invoices can be listed for each vehicle or piece of equipment. This, in turn, makes looking up past repairs/maintenance very user friendly.”

How has the reporting aspect of fleet management impacted your agency?
“Custom reports have made reporting external department costs very efficient for our agency. By setting certain parameters, we are able to bill parts and labor accordingly by running a report at the end of each month.”

What sets iWorQ apart from other software companies you may have dealt with?
“What sets iWorQs apart is that it is internet based and it can be accessed from any device as long as you have an internet connection.”

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