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Secure Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) For Government Agencies

Cloud-Based Software That Works on Any Device

Whether you are using a phone, tablet, or computer, you can take iWorQ with you anywhere.

Track the details of your work orders all in one place. Easily customized to your processes. Track specifics on location, work descriptions, departments, & man-hours. It’s also accessible by any mobile device so you can create & complete work orders out in the field, as well as upload pictures of the work completed.

Track vehicle conditions, locations, age, drivers, fuel usage, maintenance schedules, and gives you replacement recommendations. Reporting on all vehicles is easy and fields can be customized so your report shows you the specifics you need.

 Extend the life of buildings and equipment by keeping you up to date on each asset’s management and maintenance. Track & report on what is needed – buildings, elevators, HVAC, treatment plants, pump stations, substations, and any other asset.

Track locations of inlets, drains, lines, sumps with our web-based map. It's easy to initiate maintenance scheduling as well as view a full maintenance history. Track your agency’s MS4 compliance and permits. Connect to Work Management to easily create work orders attached to stormwater assets.

Track locations and maintenance history for each asset, including lines, manholes, and outlets, schedule work and inspections, track labor hours and more. Also, run reports within seconds on your data to see how your budget is being used and to make decisions to be more cost-effective.

Scheduling maintenance saves you money by preventing breakage. Water systems inspections will be up-to-date and tracked, prolonging the life of your water assets and meeting regulatory requirements. 

Track all of your road segments and can use different types of distress surveys including walking, automated or visual. Import existing GIS data and provide users with all the essential GIS functions, the map can be used by everyone in the organization.

Our interactive map will let you easily plot a new sign or locate the best route for inspections. Track MUTCD ratings, sign & support conditions, work order history, and remaining service life. iWorQ's mobility will ensure effective sign management so you have more time for other matters.

Our proprietary reporting tool is robust and yet simple,  and exports the information to an Excel, Word, or PDF document– making it easy to send reports directly to FEMA. Easily track work completed, materials used and overall costs caused by hurricanes, fire, flooding, or other natural disasters.

Saves your employees time by letting citizens upload all types of potential problems, everything from potholes & water leaks to cracked sidewalks.. Requests can then easily be exported into a new work order. 

Asset and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) tools for tracking inventory, data collection, inspections, and data management. iWorQ's mobile capability makes it possible to make updates in the field and attach pictures to a specific asset.

Meet state regulations regarding cross-connection control & ensure that the city’s water supply is protected from harmful contaminants. Track permits, inspections, contractors, & sent out letters & notices for renewals. Built-in reporting & mapping makes it easy to track what has been done & locations.

Keep a sidewalk inventory with detailed information such as the location, length, treatment history, positions, and type. It also can track each sidewalk’s segment faulting and cracking, helping you to know when to make repairs.

 Display multiple map layers including parcels, flood zones, trails, bus routes, cemeteries, and more. The web map can be linked to your website, making information easily accessible to the public.

Keep your information consistently up to date. iWorQ uses your GIS data and unique IDs. When GIS updates are made by your office, the information is updated in iWorQ instantly, allowing you to better manage and edit your GIS data. 

iWorQ is committed to making serving your community easier by providing web-based public works software to cities and counties across the US.


iWorQ's community development & Public Works software is made to help simplify your day to day process. With relational data tables, the information you provide for one application transfers seamlessly into another, which saves you time.


Customized data fields let your agency view and track information in your own way. Unlike other software that may try to get you to alter your data to fit their system, we want to make sure your agency's needs are met by tracking the information of your choosing.


GIS data can be transferred into our software, giving you access in our mapping feature. The map allows you to run searches, change views, and to see all of your assets. You can work inside of the map by adding data to an asset while you're in the field.


Our account management & tech support teams always offer training to any new or existing employee at no extra cost.

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