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Rental Licensing Management Software built for Community Development Departments across the United States and Canada.

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Manage rental licenses Properties

Effectively manage rental licenses for various property types, including single location family homes, individual apartment units, to entire apartment complexes, multi-location residential and commercial properties, and mixed-use developments.

From managing rental property records to processing renewal notices, payments, and fees, iWorQ's built-in tools make day-to-day tasks a breeze..

iWorQ Rental Licensing Software

Rental Licensing Key Features

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined Rental Management

Track rental owners and properties, schedule inspections, set license expiration and start dates, navigate through licensing fees, process payments, and keep accurate financial records through our user-friendly platform.

Cloud-Based Access

iWorQ makes everything easily accessible all in one spot with our secure cloud-based interface, empowering teams to seamlessly work together from any device with an internet connection.

Multi-Rental Property Oversight

Equip your department with the tools necessary to efficiently manage a diverse portfolio of rental properties, from apartment complexes to mixed-use developments.

Mass Send License Renewals & Invoicing

Ensure that property owners are alerted about upcoming renewals, generate notices and invoices to print or send out through email for all of your short-term and long-term rentals.

Dynamic Reports

Generate custom reports with ease to make insight-driven decisions with your data to propel your department forward.

Upload Documents

Upload photos or important documents to your rental license locations' from building inspectors or reference images. 

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Simplified Compliance & Inspections

Schedule Inspections

Schedule and conduct property inspections with ease. With real-time updates and mobile support.

Connect Licenses Directly to Their Property

Zoning and Planning Department Officials will appreciate the ability to connect properties directly to their location, simplifying zoning compliance checks, not to mention how easy it makes it to search and manage locations and licenses.

Tailored Data & Documentation

Personalize Documents and Invoices

Tailor licenses, letters, and invoices with specific details and include your branding with your city seal, along with the mayor's signature.

Custom Data Fields

On top of having all the necessary fields built in, you can add custom fields that align with your unique operations to fit your agency and ensure all the proper data is collected.

Enhanced Rental Owner Experience

Consolidated Notices for Multi-Unit Owners

Group renewal notices for owners of multiple units, making it easier for them to track due licenses.

Rental Owner Payment Portal (Add-on)

Instantly notify the appropriate departments or personnel of summited reports.

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Why Choose iWorQ Systems?

Since 2001, iWorQ Systems has been a lead provider of web-based applications for local government agencies. Our commitment extends beyond software development to include:

Unlimited Training and Support:

We are known for our World-Class customer service. We offer unlimited training & support to all iWorQ users to ensure your team is empowered to fully leverage our software capabilities.

Transparent Pricing:

Our straightforward pricing model includes unlimited user access without hidden fees, making budget planning straightforward and predictable.

Swift Implementation:

Our team can get you up and running in as little as 4-5 weeks

iWorQ caters to a wide range of users to simplify rental management processes for local government agencies and their citizens.

  • City Licensing Officers can easily manage licensing fees, view expiring licenses, and issue invoices.
  • Building Inspectors can schedule property inspections to ensure rental owners’ compliance with safety and building codes.
  • Rental Owners can view and pay their bill online.

Manage properties more effectively to foster a safer, more compliant community. Request a demo today!

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