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Our cloud-based software works on any device with an internet connection. Whether you are using a phone, tablet, or computer, you can take iWorQ Systems with you anywhere.

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Secure, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) Built for Government Agencies

Permit management allows you to track all types of permit processes, including the building, land use, zoning, remodels, encroachments, driveways, variances, appeals and more. Our system easily lets you see the parcel number, fees, addresses, owner  information, associated contractors, and all other pertinent information. 

Track all case types & issues, and generate letters while on-site using the mobile capabilities of our Code Enforcement application. Apply updates in real time using a web-based connection, there's no need to return to the office to add inspection notes. Upload photos to track the status of your case.

Track what is specific to your agency while being able to have multiple groups work on one project with our Planning and Zoning application. Attach plan reviews, photos, contractors, and inspections to improve your current processes.

The new portal allows your citizens and contractors to easily apply for permits, submit code enforcement issues, Upload images and documents, make payments, Use a public searchable GIS system, and more all in one spot. 

License management gives you the freedom to utilize your current practices and procedures while moving your operations to the web. Your agency defines the license types, categories, time frames, and fees. Our system can generate renewal notices, track employees, payments, and file attachments.

Track rental owners and properties, schedule inspections, set license expiration and start dates, navigate through licensing fees, process payments, and keep accurate financial records through our user-friendly platform.

Keep your information consistently up to date. iWorQ uses your GIS data and unique IDs. When GIS updates are made by your office, the information is updated in iWorQ instantly, allowing you to better manage and edit your GIS data

iWorQ securely processes credit card payments via a trusted, third-party payment processor, and deposits money into an account of your choice at the point of sale.

Eliminate paper by storing plans, photos, documents, and permits in iWorQ's cloud.  Securely store information by uploading inspection results, files to properties, auto-generated letters, and notices. We utilize the best in the industry, Amazon Web Services GovCloud, built specifically for government entities like yours.

 "a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems." 

Community development can span many different categories in the workplace and can leave a daunting amount of work for an agency. 

Our community development software simplifies agency communication.

Construction workers remote solution

iWorQ is committed to make serving your community easier and more efficient by providing web-based community development software applications to cities like yours.


iWorQ's community development software is made to help simplify your day to day process. With relational data tables, the information you provide for one application transfers seamlessly into another, which saves you time.


Customized data fields let you view and track information in your own way. Unlike other software that may try to get you to alter your data to fit their system, we want to make sure your agency's needs are met by tracking the information of your choosing.


GIS data can be transferred into the iWorQ software and put into our mapping feature. The map has a selection feature that lets you view which parcels have specific code violations such as tall grass or vacant buildings. From there, an investigation, phone call or court date can all be entered into a specific case.


Our account management & tech support teams always offer training to any new or existing employee at no extra cost.

Secure with AWS GovCloud

Operated by U.S. Citizens on U.S. soil. | Vetted to ensure cloud solutions meet high compliance standards. | Protects sensitive information. | Hosts regulated workloads.

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