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Rest Services

iWorQ uses rest services to help you keep your information current and up to date. iWorQ uses your GIS mapping service and unique IDs to create a link for real-time updates. When you make GIS updates, the same changes in iWorQ are made. Allowing you to manage your workflow better.

Maintain accurate information

Our Rest Service only goes in one direction. Your map data is sent directly to iWorQ, not the other way around. Leaving you in total control of your information.

One-Time Setup

Setting up Rest Services and connecting to your ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS online is easy.  iWorQ’s account manager can help you configure your GIS Layers, and ID’s. The one-time setup will save you time and will make your job easier.

For more information on the set up process check out our Rest Service Guide

Real-Time Updates

Using Rest Services and iWorQ, your GIS changes can be seen immediately.  iWorQ users can see our GIS updates and use the information to get work done.

Access to GIS Data

iWorQ uses Rest Service to consume vector data (points, lines, and polygons).  This allows GIS data to be used as part of your daily work because it is fast and easy to use.

Computer maps going to ArcGIS Servers and iworQ cloud


GIS Mapping unites iWorQ's applications in an easy to use interactive map.


Locate information, Search on specific fields, Highlight specific data on the map. 
Easily see open & completed work orders, routine maintenance, assets, code enforcement, information tied to certain lines and more!

Increase Productivity

View jobs on map, and save time going back and forth and complete multiple jobs in the same area.

access Anywhere

View on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. iWorQ's GIS System is created with responsive design that adjusts to any screen and can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. 

Schedule maintenance reminders

Schedule maintenance reminders of any asset.

Add locations

Log new work information 15-20 feet from standing, or add a specific point

Upload images

Easily add details to work by uploading an image.


iWorQ's community development & Public Works software is made to help simplify your day to day process. With relational data tables, the information you provide for one application transfers seamlessly into another, which saves you time.


Customized data fields let your agency view and track information in your own way. Unlike other software that may try to get you to alter your data to fit their system, we want to make sure your agency's needs are met by tracking the information of your choosing.


GIS data can be transferred into our software, giving you access in our mapping feature. The map allows you to run searches, change views, and to see all of your assets. You can work inside of the map by adding data to an asset while you're in the field.


Our account management & tech support teams always offer training to any new or existing employee at no extra cost.

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