Celebrating National Community Development Week 2023

Celebrating National Community Development Week (CD Week) 2023

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National Community Development Week (CD Week) was created in 1986 to bring national attention to the importance of Community development programs like the Community Development Block Grant Programs (CDBG) and how they have made such an incredible impact in our communities. April 10-14th of 2023 brings local government officials and citizens together to celebrate community development organizations and achievements, while also educating their citizens about federal development programs available to them like CDBG. Community projects like this can be very great for local governments to help their citizens to get involved in housing and community development in their cities.  

 During this time, we recognize all the hard work that has been done to improve our communities by community development departments across the country. These individuals work hard to strengthen and promote the growth of neighborhoods, create jobs, build affordable housing, and attract businesses to their communities. They are responsible for planning, zoning, permitting, licensing, and citizen engagement. Their determination to build our communities is a staple in the quality and well-being of our cities and counties.

We are honored to have a business that supports Community Development departments by simplifying day-to-day tasks with Cloud-Based Software Solutions. We offer software solutions tailored to Community Development Departments’ needs from managing Permitting and Licensing, to Planning & Zoning, to Code Enforcement to our Citizen Portal Home. We are dedicated to helping Community Development departments streamline their processes with reliable solutions they can count on, so they can focus on what they do best, which is making our communities a better place to live.

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