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Introducing iWorQ Video Inspections

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iWorQ's new video inspections application enables cities and counties to schedule and monitor inspections remotely. Video inspections are a great way to help cities, counties, and contractors comply with recommended social distancing standards. Video Inspections are convenient and secure. Video data is secured through Google Meet encryption and works on any mobile device. This process saves time driving back and forth from the office to job sites and provides agencies with more ways to complete this timely work.

City and County Inspections Made Easy

 Inspections are requested through the iWorQ online portal home. Schedule by inspection type, pick an available date on an inspector's calendar, and provide the proper contact info. Once an inspection is scheduled, an on-site contractor can facilitate the inspection using their phone or tablet device to stream the live video feed to the inspector. The inspector can compare approved plans and communicate what measures need to be taken to meet building codes and regulations without leaving the office.

Customizable to Fit Your Agency

 Allow or restrict what types of inspections can be done through video, such as building inspections, electrical inspections, plumbing inspections, and re-inspections. Scheduling inspections is easy, whether done through phone, email, or by utilizing iWorQ's online Portal Home. Inspectors can define their availability to ensure accurately timed inspections and can efficiently manage contractors' requests. Inspections are protected and can only be submitted by contractors that are assigned to the permit. This ensures all requests come from legitimate sources.

Syncs with iWorQ's Industry-Leading Portal

Video Inspections are an add-on application for the iWorQ Portal Home. The Portal Home is an online interface for cities and counties to connect with citizens and contractors. It makes everything accessible in one place and makes it easy to track and manage the permit process from start to finish. Its equipped with tools to request inspections, upload documents, make online payments, chat, and more.

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