iWorQ Citizen Engagement software is your public works superpower to transform chaos into order!

Citizen Engagement Software | Your Public Works Superpower to Transform Chaos into Order

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Broken traffic lights? Snow piling up on the road? A gargantuan pothole in need of a fill? 

Is your Public Works department battling a monster of never-ending maintenance requests?

Whether it is from normal wear and tear or a disaster striking, without a proper system in place, identifying issues and strategically assigning work can be challenging as the stream of maintenance requests continues to pour in. Your phone is ringing off the hook as you frantically take notes, crossing your fingers that you have captured everything to pass on to your team. You are trying to decipher whether a reported pothole looks like a crater crashed into the road and needs to be prioritized, or if it just had a minor scuff. These unknown details can consume your precious time. 


Citizen Engagement Software is Your Public Works Superpower

iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement Software is here to help you take control and transform chaos into order. Imagine having a superpower that enables your entire public works department to thrive. iWorQ allows you to swiftly manage day-to-day tasks, handle reports effectively, and boost citizen engagement in a powerful and meaningful way. With iWorQ, you can visualize a clear path for your team to take action and seize the day. 


Enhanced Connectivity

iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement software bridges the gap between governments and their citizens. We offer a cloud-based solution that links citizens with their respective public works departments, improving communication and reducing distress signals (AKA high call volumes) to save time and money. iWorQ creates an easier way for citizens to report issues and for you to stay organized as you receive them. 


Boost Citizen Engagement: Activate Your City's Bat-Signal 

iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement software offers an online reporting form accessible directly from your city’s website. This form simplifies the process for citizens to report issues as they are happening. It's like having a modern-day Bat-Signal for maintenance problems — a smart tool that collects crucial data and organizes it within a management system for your team to review, track, and integrate into your work processes. 


Tackle Colossal Workloads with Ease 

iWorQ software is cloud-based, enabling your team to seamlessly work together from any device with an internet connection. Its user-friendly interface is customizable, allowing users to tailor their dashboards to their needs. Built-in features simplify work processes by allowing you to easily convert citizen requests into work orders and assign them out to your team. iWorQ keeps everything in one place, so you can always have the most up-to-date information right at your fingertips. 
With live updates and progress reports, you can keep both your internal staff and your citizens informed and prepared. Set up automatic email notifications to alert and remind your departments and personnel of urgent matters. No more rummaging through stacks of paper or cluttered spreadsheets! 


Scale Back on Unforeseen Costs

With no per-seat licensing fees, iWorQ provides a simple pricing structure designed to put our customers first. Our cloud-based, self-service system allows you to reduce overhead costs. As if that wasn’t enough, our incredible support team will equip you with unlimited support, training, and upgrades free of charge. You’re welcome.


Laser-Sharp Reporting with Precise Data Collection 

iWorQ helps you stay on top of incoming issues to prepare you for potential challenges. Your citizen report form can be customized to ensure accurate data collection. Add drop down menu items for citizens to categorize issues, along with text fields to collect a user’s name and contact info, and notes.  
Track issues by location with iWorQ’s integrated mapping feature. Citizens have the option to either share GPS coordinates from their current location, navigate the map to drop a pin, or manually input the nearest address corresponding to the issue. They can also upload pictures of the incident to provide context and help your public works staff identify the issue more clearly. Specific, essential details could be missed during a phone call, but these features – combined with our organized management system – help keep things in order.  


Learn More

iWorQ’s solutions are highly efficient, enabling you to maintain assets, organize tasks, and schedule maintenance with ease. Real-time data, advanced and saved searches, and dashboard modifications help you stay on top of urgent public works issues within your community. When your citizens feel heard, the happier they will be – and so will you! 

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 BLOG POSTED: March 27, 2024

iWorQ Citizen Engagement software is your public works superpower to transform chaos into order!