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Three reasons you need an iWorQ pavement assessment

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Have you ever asked a trusted friend, “How does my hair look today?” You’ve spent hours (or maybe just a few seconds) making your hair look just right. You know it looks fine but you want validation from a third party that not only does it look OK, but it looks AWESOME! Or, if there is a spot that needs …

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Save the date – #iWorQ15 Conference

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03/19/2015: Travel information: Fly to Salt Lake City International. Salt Lake City is 80 miles south of Logan, about a 90-minute drive by interstate and major highway. Car rental is recommended; taxi service is limited in Logan. Shuttle service from the airport to Logan is available via Salt Lake Express shuttle. 03/12/2015: Hotel reservations available online: Book a room at Springhill Suites at the conference …

Web Based Fleet Management System

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iWorQ’s web based fleet management system allows you to create work orders and is configurable to meet the needs of your city, county, district, or organization. Our fleet management application tracks equipment and vehicles by department, license plate, employee, and category. The web based fleet management system is an end-to-end solution for tracking work orders, scheduled maintenance, parts and inventory, …

Permit management for cities and counties

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At iWorQ we know how valuable time is. That’s why we developed permit management to increase efficiency, integrate inspections scheduling, and track the entire permitting process. Permit management will track the permit application, through inspection, all the way to occupancy. Effective community development requires regular tracking and enforcing. Track your process from any internet-capable device with our cloud-based, mobile-friendly applications. …

Work Management

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Blog PostiWorQ’s Work Management software can track many of the simple routine jobs that take excessive amounts of time to track. As a city or government agency, there are many jobs that you need to keep track of for various reasons, but hiring someone to do so can be costly and is not necessary. iWorQ will take care of the …

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Ten reasons to choose a web-based municipality management software

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You’re already using web-based applications that live in the cloud today. Do you use social media, online banking, web-based email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail), or Pandora? If yes, then you may already know some of the benefits that come with cloud-based applications. Here are ten reasons why it helps to have online municipality management software:1. Web-based applications are safe. Data is stored …

Premium Data Upgrade

Premium Data Upgrade

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When cities and organizations exchange data, transfer files, or share documents, details are crucial. Customers of iWorQ know this, and occasionally require large file uploads to ensure every detail remains intact. Whether it be a series of scanned documents, a high-resolution image, or any other file type, iWorQ has you covered through the Premium Data Upgrade, powered by Amazon servers. …

City Administration Management

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Local government leaders are charged with maintaining the infrastructure, managing the resources, and serving the citizens to keep their communities vibrant and healthy – regardless of their size. Local governments have always been required to serve their citizens using limited resources. The administration is a huge part of keeping an agency organized and running smoothly. As the first company to …

Community Development

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The best community development software iWorQ’s cloud-based community development software track information such as business licenses, inspections, permits, code enforcement, graffiti, violations, and service requests to manage planning, zoning and development. Agencies can do timely inspections, track contractors, document cases, identify violators, issue business licenses, and more. iWorQ offers the best cloud-based application to solve your community’s planning, zoning and …

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Asset Management

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iWorQ Municipal Asset Management SoftwareiWorQ’s municipal asset management software is an easy-to-use web-based solution used by hundreds of public works and utility agencies nationwide. Our software was made to help improve the efficiency of government assets. Because iWorQ is web-based, you can add information and attach pictures to your assets wherever you go – whether that’s out in the field or in …