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Growth From Suggestions

Alexa BoseniWorQ News

At iWorQ we strive to continually improve the software by implementing suggestions from our users. At our annual user conference this summer, our development team took notes of suggested features that could be added to our applications.

We strive to always meet the expectations and improve efficiency for the agencies that use our software. The purpose of this article is to inform our users that their suggestions are always heard and are an important part of the changes that are made.

Top 6 added features

Adding a top scroll bar to the dashboard

For agencies who collect and choose to display many or all of their fields in an application, adding a scroll bar to the top of the data grid has improved search-ability.

Automatically map a location after ‘find current location’ button has been clicked

While working in the field, our mapping tool can pinpoint your location using your device’s GPS. This newly added feature now lets you automatically map your specific location once you’ve clicked to find your current location. 

Add payment button added to the fee section inside of a permit

Easily add payments to a permit with the new button found in the fees section. This button will open a window to select fees to add a payment to, enter the total amount paid, and enter the type of payment.

The new Desktop View

In your dashboard preferences, there is a new view option which is called Desktop View. This choice provides a smaller grid view of your dashboard and gives more contrast between the rows of data.

Search for an uploaded file name in Advanced Search

Now when you’re looking for a specific uploaded document, the advanced search window gives you an option to search for a keyword of the file name you are looking for.

Add a work order using a template from within the map

This new feature allows you to utilize work order templates when working from the map. Simplify data entry by selecting a template that has basic work order information already entered.

Our team of professionals are always looking for ways to improve and help our customers. By continually taking feedback and asking for suggestions, iWorQ provides our customers with an excellent user experience.