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AWS GovCloud

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Hosted on AWS GovCloud

iWorQ is proud to use AWS GovCloud to host Community Development and Public Works applications.

There are 5 main benefits that we found valuable when moving our information:

  1. Employs U.S. Citizens who are on U.S. soil
  2. Only accessible to vetted entities
  3. All account holders must verify they are a U.S. person
  4. Built to control sensitive information
  5. Manages regulated workloads

AWS GovCloud provides a great option for handling our agencies’ sensitive information while taking advantage of the other benefits Amazon cloud services have to offer.  They built their infrastructure to meet strict regulations and compliance requirements that must be met by certain government agencies, ensuring that our information remains secure. 

Another benefit of GovCloud is that it isolates network, data, and virtual machines from its other regions. Because they want the information to remain secure, these isolated areas can only be accessed with specific credentials. For more information visit: