streamline school district fleet and facility management with iworq

Streamline School District Fleet and Facility Management with iWorQ

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Do you oversee your school district’s fleet or facilities? Do you find yourself feeling disorganized and overwhelmed?

Managing all the buses, utility vehicles, buildings, playgrounds, and fields in a school district can be mentally taxing, especially when you are using outdated methods such as paper documents or spreadsheets. To minimize stress and streamline your operations, consider investing in a fleet or facility management software system like iWorQ!


Optimize efficiency with the cloud

iWorQ’s software suite is cloud-based, allowing you and your employees to access fleet and facility information from a computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other online device. All records are stored in one database, enabling multiple users in different offices to retrieve and update data for their respective operations. Keep tabs on all your assets at once!


Coordinate inspections and maintenance work

Over time, the quality of a vehicle, facility, or other asset will deplete. To ensure these assets meet current safety standards, regulatory requirements, and performance expectations, a management system is needed. Our facility and fleet management applications help you easily coordinate maintenance and repairs, while keeping a detailed record of maintenance type, cost, hours, and more. Monitor your assets' condition, identify those needing inspections or replacements, and assign tasks to employees accordingly. Extend asset life with routine maintenance and assess whether a vehicle needs to be replaced using our fleet replacement rating system.


Track mileage and fuel usage

Save money on fuel costs and reduce your school district’s carbon footprint by keeping track of fuel usage and mileage through iWorQ’s fleet management software. Upload custom fuel type, gallons, cost, and usage logs, or enter the data manually. This will generate replacement ratings that will assist you in scheduling preventative maintenance.


Manage parts and inventory

Keep up with your inventory and let mechanics and maintenance departments know when quantities of certain parts become limited with email alerts. Designate parts to fleet vehicles and upload images for easy organization to monitor vehicle conditions and equipment status.


Collect maintenance requests with QR codes

Our software lets you download a unique QR code that directs users to an online facility maintenance request form. Display the QR code in a bathroom or cafeteria for people to report maintenance issues. Requests will accumulate in the facility management dashboard, notifying staff and keeping them aware of these issues.


Share information with your employees

As previously mentioned, our software allows you to set up email notifications to keep district departments and personnel up to date. You can also generate reports of fleet cost and usage, asset work orders, maintenance, inspections, part purchases, and more to effectively communicate information to your staff. Sharing important fleet and facility data has never been easier!


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With iWorQ Systems, you can keep your school buses and elementary playgrounds in check without the hassle. Let us do the work for you. Schedule a demo today!




 BLOG POSTED: March 7, 2024

streamline school district fleet and facility management wih iworq