North Ogden, UT Achieves Long-Term Efficiency with Management Software

North Ogden, UT Achieves Long-Term Efficiency with Management Software

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North Ogden, Utah is a prime example of how cities can transform municipal operations with cloud-based management solutions. For many years, North Ogden has trusted iWorQ's cloud-based software. Assistant Public Works Director Brian Galvez at North Ogden City shared his experience in an exclusive interview, revealing how iWorQ’s public works and community development software solutions have streamlined the city’s day-to-day processes, improving efficiency and organization.

Galvez has been with North Ogden City for 20 years and has witnessed firsthand the benefits of switching from paper documents to a cloud-based system. iWorQ’s Software helps their public works department manage citizen requests, building permits, fleets, pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations, roads, sewers, and street assets. 

“It has helped the public works department be more organized,” Galvez said. “It’s been a great tool to have out in the field, and to look up extra information when we need it.” 

Before becoming assistant public works director, Galvez was the solid and green waste superintendent and continues to oversee this department. He uses iWorQ daily for trash can management.

Galvez also emphasized the value of iWorQ’s organizational capabilities, keeping his team on top of their daily workflow. 

“The applications work really well for us,” Galvez said. “They are pretty customizable for our individual needs. The applications are also easy to navigate, too.” 

Galvez was asked to rate his overall experience with iWorQ’s software on a scale from one to five. Galvez gave iWorQ a 5/5-star rating.

iWorQ currently serves communities across all 50 states and parts of Canada. Our web-based management solutions help city and county governments keep track of their assets, maintain their infrastructure, and engage with their citizens. 

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 BLOG POSTED: May 16, 2024

North Ogden, UT Achieves Long-Term Efficiency with Management Software