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Holladay, Utah Makes Citizen Requests Easy

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The Cottonwood Heights Journal posted an article revealing how Holladay, Utah is using iWorQ Systems software to connect the city to its residents, making it easier for citizens to send requests to city representatives.

The article details how the City added the iWorQ Citizen Engagement Application to their existing iWorQ software subscription for permit management and code enforcement tracking.

iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement application allows citizens to submit online requests and issues at their convenience. Once a request is submitted, it's sent to the correct department.  Requests and the information entered by the citizen can then be exported into a new work order with minimal work by the city employees. Users can also track the status and keep record of their requests. The system creates an organizational process that saves everyone time.

The article also explains that the citizen engagement module will not only help the city to meet its citizen request needs but will also aid in identifying city-wide issues and trends. 

Since the article's original release, we contacted Holly Smith, Assistant to City Manager and Jonathan Teerlink, City Planner of Holladay, UT, for an update on how the software has helped them.

Jonathan: "Over the years residents have applauded the fact that they can contact Holladay city hall and talk to a real person over the phone with someone who will hear their concerns. This personal service, though cumbersome and time-consuming, offers real-time interaction with the public and a sense of trust between a resident and their local government. The Citizen Engagement software has not changed this ideal. The freedom to create focused options that Citizens can select instantly connects them with the correct city department. This is critical to our operation as a small city. A follow up with quick response, even while mobile, is helping us as staff maintain trust with our residents"

Holly: "The City of Holladay has gained a greater understanding of our residents' areas of concern and priorities as well as increased our ability to document infrastructure issues and improve the City staff response time."

Holly provided us with further insight on how the city is strengthening its bond with its residents.

Holly: "The City enjoys an improved connection with our residents. Residents can reach out at their convenience 24-7, and they don't have to know what staff member or department to speak to. The software automation allows request types to be assigned to a single City staff point of contact. This eliminates  duplication of effort and allows residents to access information or assistance quicker."

Holly and Jonathan then went on to explain how the software has simplified the City's work processes.

Holly: "The City has realized some efficiencies and time savings as a result of iWorQ. One example is seen in the processing of street light outage requests. Before we launched the use of the Citizen Engagement Software, these requests were fielded by City staff typically via telephone, and then the City staff would fax a service request to Rocky Mountain Power. All of the processing was done with paper, and it created frustrations for both City staff and our residents. Now, most requests come through iWorQ and City staff completes the Rocky Mountain Power on-line service request system, documenting the case number in iWorQ. It's very easy for City staff to search the database to check on the status of repairs and track resolution."

Jonathan: "Time saving in file management and a great part of workload. Being able to perform these tasks even while mobile or out of the office creates an highly efficient staff. "

At iWorQ we bring people closer to their cities and help make work easier and more efficient. Our Citizen Engagement Software is an excellent solution for cities and counties so that citizens can apply for permits, report issues such as potholes, damaged signs, upload pictures and more.

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