Mercer County, KY Chief Building Official Transforms Permit Management

Mercer County, KY Chief Building Official Transforms Permit Management

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Mercer County, Kentucky stands out as a distinguished iWorQ client who uses Permit Management Software to simplify its permit processes. In this exclusive blog post, Kenny Milburn, Chief Building Official for Mercer County, shares unique insights detailing how he utilizes iWorQ software in his role.

Milburn oversees all new construction and renovation projects in the county, covering both commercial and residential properties. Having previously worked for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Jessamine County, he is approaching 20 years as a building inspector.

As a one-man department, Milburn’s daily tasks primarily consist of permit entry, record-keeping, reporting, and field inspections. He also occasionally serves as an address coordinator for the county’s E911.

“I spend 50% of my job in the office and the other 50% in the field,” Milburn said. 

Before joining Mercer County, Milburn had some experience with iWorQ in his role at Jessamine County. 

“My previous job at Jessamine County had already been using iWorQ for some time, but it was only using about 25% of its capability,” Milburn said. “I updated their use of iWorQ and learned that it could do a lot more than what they were using.” 

When Milburn began working at Mercer County, he noticed that the previous county building inspectors used paper files, folders, and spreadsheets, which were stored in dozens of file cabinets, for their community development operations. Having prior experience with iWorQ and its many advantages, he helped initiate Mercer County’s transition from paper-based management to cloud-based software. 

According to Milburn, iWorQ’s most valuable features for Mercer County are its ease of use, its ability to keep track of all projects in the field or in the office, and its streamlined communication between departments. 

“In this county, we all try to work as one, and the availability of iWorQ being web-based lets other departments check and confirm items that are important to them,” Milburn said. 

Three tax administrators, two mayors, the property valuation administrator, the county judge, and even the USPS all have access to Mercer County’s management software applications and use them for various purposes. 

Milburn also shared his experience with contacting iWorQ’s customer support team for assistance with his account. 

“They were very quick to email or call me back, especially with the time zone difference,” he said. “They always get me on the right track before my days end.” 

Overall, Milburn gave iWorQ a “big five” out of five stars.

“I have worked with several different systems - especially with the state - that had very cumbersome programs, and iWorQ is so simple,” Milburn said. 

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 BLOG POSTED: June 12, 2024

Mercer County, KY Chief Building Official Transforms Permit Management