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Jackson County, FL Transforms Operations with Cloud-Based Software

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For the past five years, Jackson County, Florida has utilized iWorQ to streamline its community development and public works processes. In this exclusive interview, Community Development Director Wendy Schlesinger and Executive Secretary of Building Services Benet Johnson share how Jackson County transformed its operations with cloud-based software, increasing efficiency and saving time.

An Insider Look on Management Software for Counties

Schlesinger has been with Jackson County for eight years. She has witnessed firsthand how iWorQ has helped enhance the county’s community development department, having been involved with the previous management processes as well as the transition to cloud-based software. Schlesinger oversees four divisions within Jackson County’s community development department: planning (land use), building services (structural permits and inspections), code enforcement, and housing grants. She, alongside Benet Johnson, uses a variety of iWorQ software applications daily.

“We have permit, planning, and code enforcement [management software],”Johnson said.“I know public works is using it for roads and bridges, animal control, and maintenance as well.”

Before switching to iWorQ, Jackson County was using another local government CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) to manage their community development and public works departments. Johnson said that iWorQ is “a lot easier to maneuver” than the previous software. In her time at Jackson County, Johnson has utilized three different CMMS programs, and out of those, “iWorQ is the best one.”

“When you’ve got everything on one screen, and you click on one thing and it opens that page and you close it out, everything’s still right there,”Johnson said.“So, it’s really easy to use.”

Customizable for Any Local Government Department

Jackson County has capitalized on iWorQ software by customizing its applications for cross-use between teams. Schlesinger said their housing grants coordinator frequently uses iWorQ to view the status of housing grant applications and building permits. Additionally, the Jackson County E911 office uses iWorQ to check for addresses.

Schlesinger said implementing iWorQ software has promoted better productivity, by enabling the “cross-use [of] different applications to check on things without having to bug other employees.”

“It saves a lot of time and is more efficient,” she said.

For Jackson County, the most valuable aspects of iWorQ software are the email feature and the portal home feature. The email feature lets employees directly email contractors from any device with an Internet connection. Portal Home is a public online portal that simplifies communication and boosts citizen engagement. Jackson County citizens use it to submit code complaints and apply for and track business permit status.

A 5-Star Solution for Maximizing Efficiency

With its interactive and user-friendly interface, iWorQ software has reduced the volume of phone calls and in-person customer interactions for Jackson County, maximizing efficiency and saving time.

"One division may be able to see what another division is doing,” Schlesinger said. “We can even have our county commissioners or other departmental staff connect into it [for] code enforcement [and] planning developments.”

Over the years, certain items within the applications have required adjustments in order to meet Jackson County’s needs. Both Johnson and Schlesinger noted their appreciation for iWorQ’s excellent customer service in addressing these matters.

“Anytime you contact customer support there, they get right on it and get it taken care of,” Johnson said.

Overall, Jackson County rated iWorQ five out of five stars.

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 BLOG POSTED: April 23, 2024

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