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April Showers, May Flowers: Clear the Storm with Stormwater Management Software

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“April showers bring May flowers!” Spring is finally here, which means many regions across the United States should expect an influx of rain and thunderstorms as the weather warms up. This is positive news for our ecosystems, but it can also pose certain safety, monetary, and environmental risks. Manage springtime stormwater with iWorQ’s cloud-based Stormwater Management Software.


Meet MS4 requirements

According to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), municipalities in the U.S. are required to employ certain programs and tools to handle stormwater discharge. These include stormwater permits, inspections, maintenance schedules, and illicit discharge investigations. Having a proper stormwater management system in place can prevent issues like flooding, erosion, and pollution. iWorQ’s Stormwater Management Software can help you meet NPDES standards to protect your community and the environment.


Track stormwater assets

iWorQ lets you keep track of catch basins, drains, inlets, pipes, and other stormwater assets within your city or county. View the location of your assets on a map to visualize the area. Schedule inspections, maintenance, and cleaning for before and after heavy rainstorms. iWorQ’s software stores a complete history of all the work done on your assets.


Upload data in real time

iWorQ’s Stormwater Management Software is cloud-based, meaning that you can access and update your stormwater data from any device with an Internet connection. Add information from inspections, assets, permits, documents, and more to your iWorQ dashboard while you are out in the field. This allows you to maximize efficiency and streamline communication between department personnel.


Generate detailed reports

iWorQ’s reporting feature helps you easily analyze key data and monitor trends among your assets. Build out your reports for permits, asset work orders, inspections, plan reviews, letters, fees, and payments, all with a click of a button. Customize reports with unique fields like date, type, owner, location, condition rating, and status for further configuration.


With iWorQ, you can tackle the risks of April showers with ease to keep your community safe and your local ecosystem healthy. Check out similar solutions from iWorQ like Sewer Management, Water System Management, Water Conservation, and Work Management Software. We also offer unlimited support and training free of charge.

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 BLOG POSTED: May 1, 2024

Clear the Storm with Cloud-Based Management Software