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Does your municipality need a sustainable water management system to preserve your local water supply?

With a surge of water shortages across the country and ongoing demand for water resources from population growth and other factors impacting the environment, it is more important than ever for local governments to take action to get their communities involved to reduce domestic water usage and meet compliance with conservation regulations.

Most communities are not even aware of how much water they are using, and don't have a plan to reduce their usage. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the average American uses more than 82 gallons of water per day and could reduce consumption by 20%. This can be challenging when you don't have the tools to track your water consumption and don't know where to start. iWorQ can help.

iWorQ's Water Conservation Software makes it easy for municipalities to efficiently manage water resources and enact an Urban Water Management Plan to be prepared and handle issues in the likelihood of a drought. It keeps everything in one place and connects with residents to promote conservation through awareness. This powerful software allows residents to see their water usage and learn meaningful steps they can take to reduce the water footprint and save money on their water utility bill.

Dynamic portal for your website keeps everything in one spot

iWorQ's Water Conservation Software works with our Citizen Portal Home application. An online interactive tool that can be accessed directly from your city's website and works with any internet-enabled device.

What exactly can I do with iWorQ's Water Conservation Software?

iWorQ's Portal hosts a wide range of tools that residents can use to be proactive and visualize their water usage and encourage water efficiency. Plus, municipalities can use iWorQ's reporting tools to identify areas where they can increase their efforts in preserving water.

Post your water conservation guidelines

Share local lawn and outdoor watering guidelines to help residents understand how often and when to water.

Post water notices

Keep residents in the loop with the most recent updates and news impacting their local water supply.

Post details of how violations will be tracked, reported and managed

Take all the guess work out of it with clearly defined utility water protocols from the very beginning.

Post your water conservation goals

Share local goals and steps that the community can take to reduce their water footprint and make a difference in water efficiency.

Graphically display water usage for the city and water usage by address

Encourage change through visualization with monthly updates.

Allow citizens to search addresses and compare water usage

Enable residents to see how their water usage measures up in the neighborhood and spark competition between them to achieve a lower water consumption level.

View water usage using a GIS map of your city and location

Allow residents to visualize water usage in different areas using an interactive map.

Residential Reporting Violation Tool

Allow citizens to report water issues in the area to your local public works department, such as: overwatering, water leaks, and water blockages.

Upload Water Meter Data/Usage

  • Provide accurate information with monthly updates by connecting your data directly to the iWorQ application.

  • Communicate with your citizen and users through your Portal. Send overuse notices and warnings to citizens

Easily Send Out Notices and Violation Letters- Based on Your Guidelines

Detect violations early on and generate custom letters to send out to local residents and companies directly from the Portal.

Track and Monitor Water Usage

Run reports to identify areas that need a plan of action. View top water users by zoning or property type and compare water consumption changes over the last 12 months.


 POSTED: May 26, 2022

Water Conservation Software

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Get iWorQ's Water Conservation Application for FREE!

In honor of this new software application release, iWorQ is offering this sustainable water management system for free to the first 20 agencies that are able to agree to the terms and complete the following:

1- You must commit to updating the main page of your website with a direct link to the Portal.

2- You are able to provide the required data.
  • Minimum 1- 2 years of Water Meter Reading data with water usage.
    Fields needed: (Meter Num, Address, Date of Reading, And Usage [Gallons])

  • Parcel Data- Fields needed: (Address, City, State, Zip, Zoning, Meter Num)

NOTE: We can help you compile your data or send you an example spreadsheet.

3- Sign an iWorQ Service Agreement. (No Cost Year 1)

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