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Today, modernizing processes is not just a convenient way to increase efficiency, but it is essential for municipalities and counties to continue functioning. It plays a key role for agencies to stay productive while social distancing, but in the middle of a pandemic, budgets are tight, and changing processes may seem overwhelming.

The good news is that the COVID-19 CARES Act and iWorQ Systems can help.

The CARES Act established a coronavirus relief fund of 150 billion dollars. Through these funds, the covered expenses allow State, territorial, local, or tribal governments to respond to the public health emergency.

It covers a range of expenditure needs that can help qualifying agencies adopt remote access solutions and other technological improvements to promote social distancing and facilitate public health measures that comply with COVID-19 precautions.

To learn more about the CARES Act, view the terms for State and Local Governments.

iWorQ offers a variety of Public Works and Community Development software solutions built to help local government agencies streamline their processes. These departments can easily begin the permit, code, or work management process remotely and track and manage these items virtually anywhere and provide a way for citizens to stay connected without in-person interaction.

One of the many advantages of incorporating iWorQ is its fast setup time and unlimited support. Agencies can be set up in the system and begin using iWorQ’s applications in as little as a week. iWorQ is known in the industry for its outstanding customer service. 

iWorQ can help your agency establish a new foundation and help change how you operate. As you get started with our system, our friendly support team has your back to ensure your success now and years down the road.

Learn how iWorQ can help your agency today! A brief online demonstration can show you how to revolutionize your processes - and check out our popular solutions below. 

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