3 Reasons Why Your Local Government Should Switch to Cloud-Based Software

3 Reasons Local Governments Should Switch to Cloud-Based Software

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Likely, your government agency has yet to go paperless. You're filing things away, stashing receipts in drawers, and pulling out a million pieces of paper to take yearly budget meetings. However, in recent years, more government agencies around the United States have switched to cloud-based software. This transformation comes after a need for greater efficiency, enhanced security, and improved accessibility within their Public Works and Community Development Departments.

Here's why you should consider cloud-based software if you haven't already.

1. Efficiency and Savings; Time & Money 

Municipalities are often tasked with managing vast amounts of data and pulling reports that require much information. A cloud-based software solution can streamline your work management processes to save staff time and can lead to cost savings.

Cloud solutions allow agencies to work more efficiently and collaboratively. Cloud software helps agency employees work together seamlessly, even across different locations. Keeping everyone on the same page whether in the field or in the office. Cloud-based solutions also make it easy to find information when needed. The best programs have built-in management tools to simplify day-to-day tasks. These tools may range from notes, e-mails, scheduling, reporting tools, and templates to stay organized and efficient.

2. Improved Security & Data Protection

Not all cloud-based solutions are created equally. Security is vital for government agencies that are often handling sensitive information that can be the target of various cyber-attacks.

Municipalities utilizing a cloud-based service that’s hosted a secure platform such as iWorQ Software Solutions running on the AWS GovCloud, can help municipalities rest at ease knowing their data is safe and secure in a few different ways:

- Secure cloud providers invest heavily in security, like encryption, identity, and access management. This helps keep municipalities safe from data breaches.

- A good cloud provider will regularly back-update, meaning that in the face of disaster, agencies can quickly restore their data.

- A cloud provider built for government agencies adheres to strict compliance standards, which help government agencies meet their regulatory requirements more effectively.

3. Accessibility & Mobility 

Another advantage of cloud-based software is accessing data and applications from anywhere, from any device with an internet connection. For Government agencies, this has several benefits:

- For example, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the challenge of remote work. Cloud-based solutions enable government employees to work from home or other locations, if needed, and still be able to continue their processes online in unforeseen circumstances.

- Many cloud-based applications are designed to work on mobile devices, allowing government workers in the field to access critical data and applications on the go. This mobile accessibility can streamline operations. Making it easy for in-field workers to update their job information on-site and prioritize their jobs by location.

Why iWorQ Should Be Your #1 Choice 

We know better than anyone that government agencies operate in complex and sometimes demanding environments. Over 2000 agencies across the U.S. have streamlined their processes using iWorQ. iWorQ is a name you can trust, leading the industry with web-based management applications since 2001.

iWorQ offers a wide array of cloud-based software solutions built for Public Works and Community Development Departments to streamline their processes. Whether it’s asset management, fleet management, pavement management, permitting, or code enforcement, iWorQ has your municipality covered. All of iWorQ’s software solutions are hosted on AWS GovCloud, keeping your information safe and secure. Not only does iWorQ help simplify tasks. iWorQ is known for its world-class customer service, providing users with unlimited support and training

As the world becomes increasingly digital, cloud-based software is the future, and work will be here with you every step of the way. 

Contact us today for a free demonstration to see how iWorQ can transform your agency. 



December 20, 2023

3 Reasons Why Your Local Government Should Switch to Cloud-Based Software