Water System Management

Maintaining your whole water system to ensure clean water resources for your community is no small task. In fact, the US Environmental Protection agency recommends an asset management for your water utlities. iWorQ’s Water System Management provides

an inventory of your water assets to record and schedule maintenance to meet regulations and run more smoothly. Map and maintain your water lines, structures, hydrants, valves, and more.


Proactively maintain your water assets

With iWorQ, scheduling of maintenance saves you money by preventing breakage and other repairs. Water systems inspections will be up-to-date and taken care of, prolonging the life of your water assets and meeting regulatory requirements.

Know the location of your assets

With iWorQ’s map, you can plot your assets manually, with coordinates, or existing GIS data. This makes it easy to make changes out in the field, or to create the quickest route for inspections.

Keep a record of work

Record every detail when it comes to maintaining your assets.  Track cleaning, inspections, and repairs along with date, cost, and time it took to increase the security and safety of assets. Run reports for your records or for state regulations.


With iWorQ Water System Management, you can:

iWorQ provides solutions for sanitary sewer and stormwater assets too.

“We have a list of all addresses and meter details, so the crew can access that from their truck at a work site. Work orders can be connected to an address so there is a history of repairs done at that address. I can also see if a job has been completed by checking the system. We can give the City Manager a report with totals of repairs that he can offer at City Council meetings.” 


–  Elliot Landes

   City of Winters, California 

   Water Meter Project Manager





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