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Government agencies can’t afford to lose time or money. iWorQ’s Work Management software helps save time, promotes organization, improves workflow, and creates easy reporting options.

Work Management is a project management application that tracks the details of your work orders all in one place. The software is customizable and can track specific information that is vital to your city and is easy to operate, so everyone can benefit. Reporting is straightforward and can be used to budget plans or report to FEMA.  It’s accessible by any mobile device, so you can create and update work orders in the office or out in the field.

When included in the public works package, Work Management helps you to keep track of work being completed on an asset. When a work order is created on an asset, the data is automatically entered into your Work Management dashboard. Inventory, spending, equipment and employee reports are a few examples of the data you can pull from the system within seconds. 

Features of Work Management

    • Tracking time and costs of employees and equipment
    • Customizable forms
    • Reports
    • Mapping of job locations
    • Notes, e-mails, scheduling, templates
    • Mobile capability
    • Picture attachments


Still using paper or spreadsheets?

iWorQ’s Work Management is more organized and reliable than paper and desktop programs. Our software is secure, so nothing goes missing or accidentally gets deleted. Access the software from any mobile device and you can fill out work orders, as well as attach pictures, while out in the field.  


Another great feature of Work Management is the ability to use work order templates. The software allows you to pre-fill and save templates for work orders that you might create repeatedly. These saved templates can include supplies used, a description of the project, the department used to complete the order, and more. When you are out in the field and need to create a work order, simply select the correct template, fill in one or two fields, and the work order is created and added into the Work Management dashboard. Templates will save you time by creating work orders in seconds instead of minutes, and eliminate entering in the same information repeatedly for each work order.

“This system allows us to receive and prioritize work orders. It has eliminated all paperwork.  The employees love it. It allows them the convenience to be able to go directly to their computer and send a work order without any additional paperwork.  They are also amazed at the same day response time versus a day or two. This was because we either ended up forgetting or not receiving the paperwork order.  I enjoy the fact that I can run a monthly report on maintenance. I can run a report on day-to-day activities and show it in our monthly meetings.”

Jackie McKinney, Facilities Administrative Assistant

DeSoto, LA


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