iWorQ’s GIS Web Map

iWorQ’s GIS Web Map makes maintaining and publishing GIS data easy. Agencies can display any data from an existing iWorQ application without any technical GIS knowledge. iWorQ’s web map can display map layers from other sources including parcels, flood zones, trails, bus routes, cemeteries, and more. The web map can be linked to your website, making information easily accessible to the public with no extra work on your part.

Take Control of Your GIS

No longer do you have to depend on your GIS department to update your GIS. iWorQ makes it so simple that anyone who uses iWorQ can update GIS information. iWorQ will customize and manage your map specifically for your agency. Any previous GIS information that you have collected as an agency can be integrated into the iWorQ system. There is less stress for you and more information provided for your citizens.

Share and Simplify

The biggest benefit to the external map application is to provide citizens with detailed, accurate information so that they can find answers to their questions using the map instead of calling an agency. Here are a few examples of how other agencies plan to use the map to communicate with citizens:

Layers of Map

Work Orders

-Property Information

-Permits Issued

-Cases Pending



-Roads – Proposed to be fixed, under construction, or fixed

-FEMA Flood Maps

-Parcel Shapes- can be linked to Tax and Deed Information if available

-Voting Districts

-County Boundaries and Roads


If you are already a user of iWorQ, your current data from any iWorQ application can be displayed on the external map. Web-based software allows the map to be updated in real time with any changes that are made in an application.


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