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Alexa Bosen

iWorQ Pavement Management software is an easy-to-use Internet application enabling cities and counties to manage their pavement management system. It includes:

  • Condition assessments
  • Asset valuation
  • Analysis of maintenance strategies
  • Multi-year budgeting
  • Queries and reporting

Data Management

iWorQ Pavement Management software has all the tools for inventory, data collection, inspections, data management, and updates. The application creates dynamic data collection forms including lookup values and segment lists. In addition, iWorQ Pavement Management software tracks historical data, pavement treatment, and condition histories.

Condition Assessment

iWorQ Pavement Management can use different types of distress surveys including walking, automated or visual. iWorQ recommends using a visual distress survey based on the SHRP Distress identification manual to determine the remaining service life (RSL) of each segment.

Custom Reporting

iWorQ Pavement has the best custom reporting tools on the market. The user has standard reports including asset value reports for GASB 34.

Mapping and GIS

iWorQ internet mapping utilizes shapefiles produced from ArcView, ArcGIS or AutoCAD. iWorQ Maps provide the user all the essential GIS functions and can be used by everyone in the organization.

Advanced Searches and Queries

With a simple query, you can access condition ratings, current information, digital photographs, historical records, and locate pavement segments on the map. A detailed, or stored query can be used for analysis, statistical methods, and reporting. In addition, you can query and analyze all of your data fields.


iWorQ Pavement Management can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. Users have the ability to add treatments, descriptions, and costs as well as custom database fields. Any customization done by the user is completely integrated into the functions of the application including searching, data management, reporting, and history.

Easy Budgeting

One of the primary features of iWorQ Pavement Management is budgeting. This easy-to-use tool allows agencies to create and analyze multi-year budgets. The user can perform “What If?” scenarios as well as predict how well the road network will perform.


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