TextMyGov Customer Exclusive Webinar | Optimize Text Alerts to Maximize Your TextMyGov Reach.

Optimize Text Alerts to Maximize Your TextMyGov Reach

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TextMyGov Customer Exclusive Webinar | Live January 24th, 2024.

Learn tips and tricks to help you make the most of your TextMyGov service in our upcoming customer-exclusive webinar.

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We are excited to announce our upcoming webinar "Optimizing Text Alerts to Maximize Your Reach with TextMyGov" on Wednesday, January, 24th, 2024, airing at 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM MST. Register early to reserve a seat.

Join our 45-minute webinar to learn how to use TextMyGov’s Map Selection tool and leverage the IPAWS feature to optimize the text alerts you send to your residents.

With the Map Selection tool, you can send area-based alerts. Keep citizens in the loop with important updates impacting their neighborhoods such as power outages, road closures, and water boil notices.

We will show you how you can acquire more residents to add to your notification lists.

On top of all that you’ll discover how the IPAWS feature extends your reach for emergency notifications. We’ll review IPAWS requirements and how you can use it to instantly connect to a vast amount of residents in your area.

Though our main focus will be on notifications, we will also be providing a brief overview of TextMyGov to help users navigate the system even better!

Tune in at Your Convenience.

Our live webinar stream will be conducted two times throughout the day to give you the flexibility to choose the time that works best for you. Attend the webinar on January 24th in the morning at 9:30 AM MST (8:30 AM PST / 11:30 AM EST.) or in the afternoon at 1:30 PM MST. (12:30 PM PST. /3:30 PM EST.).

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Our TextMyGov webinar series equips users with the tools and insight to expand their skills with short easy-to-digest classes presented through a live interactive video and screen share experience.

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Our online webinars offer users the ability and convenience to learn from anywhere. Our webinar platform is multi-device compatible, and users can attend webinars directly from their browsers. To ensure an optimal experience, we advise our users to check out the Webinar Start Guide before attending our webinars. This guide provides a rundown of the system and allows users to do a quick system check.

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 BLOG POSTED: January 11, 2024

TextMyGov Customer Exclusive Webinar | Optimize Text Alerts to Maximize Your TextMyGov Reach.