Webinar Start Guide

Attending the webinar is easy and can be done through your internet browser on any device.

(Google Chrome or Firefox is recommended).


Before attending the webinar, please perform a quick system check to ensure an optimal experience.

Run System Check

Webinar Controls

Connect Audio:

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Turn up your computer speakers or dial in for audio.

Dial-In information will be emailed to you and will display at the beginning of the class.

It can also be found by selecting the microphone icon on the top right of the webinar's screen. 

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Use The Chat:

The chatroom is for attendees to Interact with each other and our staff.

Get assistance

If you experience any technical issues. Our experts are here to help.

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Ask Questions

Add questions to the Q&A list. We will be answering your questions at the end of the presentation.

Upvote Questions

You can upvote other attendee's questions to show further interest in learning the answer to their question.

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Download Handouts

On the handouts tab you can view and download documents from the webinar.

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View Full Screen

You can select the "Enter Full Screen" icon to enlarge the window.
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Minimize Or Expand The Chat

On the handouts tab you can view and download documents from the webinar.
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