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Amherst, Virginia Upgrades System With Citizen Portal

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iWorQ is thrilled to have Amherst, Virginia, as a client. They have been utilizing iWorQ’s software applications for about 2 years and have recently added the citizen portal home to their software package. Other applications they have been using include Code Enforcement, Permit Management, and Planning & Zoning.

The Citizen Portal is an interactive solution that allows citizens and contractors to apply for permits, track inspections, upload plans, blueprints, and other files, make payments, view an interactive map, and interact all in one place.

After assistance with setting up the online citizen portal, we interviewed Karissa Shrader, Permit Technician at Amherst.

Karissa: "We are super excited for the new portal! We will be rolling it out to our website hopefully by January 1, 2020. It seems much more user friendly, and we love the ability to customize it to meet our specific needs. It will be a HUGE asset to our office and, ultimately our citizens and businesses."

Our applications are designed to work on any device and has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use for both employees and citizens. Allowing everyone to save time and efficiently get things done.

Karissa: "When we first started with iWorQ we had a TON of push back from some of our long-time customers but as they discovered the ease and convenience of the system we began to see more and more online applications. With the new portal, we feel that the number of our online requests are going to surpass the number of in-house requests."

We asked Karissa what her Citizen Request process was like before using iWorQ.

Karissa: "We did not have an online citizen request process. Everything was done here in our office with a paper application. We had a software that could not give us information back that had been put into the system. Reporting was VERY difficult, and we were unable to produce the information we needed. We wanted a way to be more business and citizen friendly by giving them the ability to apply online and streamline the process."

Listening to our clients' needs and understanding their previous processes has helped us create valuable software applications and to expand in the industry. We strive to make work processes better and more efficient. All of our customers receive system updates and even major upgrades at no additional cost – ever.

Karissa explains the payoff for their agency with the changes they’ve made.

Karissa: "We are basically paperless!!! Our citizens can apply and receive permits without stepping foot into our office! I can produce just about any kind of report that is requested quickly and with more accuracy than ever before. We can accept credit cards and easily track payments through iWorQ."

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