2024 iWorQ User Conference Announced

2024 User Conference Announced

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We're excited to announce the dates for iWorQ’s Annual User Conference! 

The iWorQ User Conference, also known as iWorQ Summit, is a live online webinar series event exclusive to our customers. It is a unique opportunity for municipalities and counties across the United States and Canada to come together to gain insight and explore ways to enhance operational efficiency with iWorQ.

If you use iWorQ Software, this exclusive online event is your ticket to mastering your applications. We'll be hosting live webinars designed to simplify your day-to-day processes. Best of all, it’s FREE for iWorQ users.

2024 Online Webinar Summit Series

For your convenience, the iWorQ Summit will be hosted entirely online spread over two weeks in September and October 2024. Each class will be shown live twice during the day to give users the option to attend in the morning or in the afternoon. 

Mark Your Calendar for Our Live Webinar Series!

Week 1 | September 9-13, 2024

Community Development Software Suite Classes

Week 2 | October 7-11, 2024

Public Works Software Suite Classes

REGISTRATION AND CLASS SCHEDULES ARE TO BE ANNOUNCED. (More details to come in the coming weeks)
iWorQ users will be notified by email and through our bulletin board.

Master Your Processes

Learn from our expert trainers about the features and functions of the software with a live screen-share experience. Gain inside knowledge about effective tools and advancements that can simplify your processes.

Interactive Sessions

Immerse yourself in a live learning experience. Engage with presenters during Q&A sessions, download handouts, and network with other attendees through live chat rooms.

Digital Convenience

Sit back and tune in to our online webinar series at your convenience, we will be going live with each class at two different times to fit our users’ busy schedules.

The Online User Conference is exclusive to iWorQ customers and FREE to attend.
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Stay Tuned for Registration & Class Details

Keep an eye out for registration opening and the full class schedule release soon. iWorQ users will receive all the necessary details via email, and updates will also be posted on our bulletin board, blog posts, and the Official User Conference page.

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Conference registration and class sign-up forms will be released in the coming weeks.
(We will send this information out as it becomes available.)


 POSTED: April 24, 2024

2024 iWorQ User Conference Announced
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  • Week 1 | September 9th-13th, 2024, featuring classes from our Community Development Software Suite.

  • Week 2 | October 7th- 11th, 2024, featuring classes from our Public Works Software Suite.


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