Sunbury, PA fights blight with code enforcement software

Sunbury Pennsylvania Fights Blight with Code Enforcement Software

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iWorQ Systems was featured in Pennsylvania’s Daily Item newspaper with an article titled "Sunbury targets blighted homes". The article highlights how the City of Sunbury utilizes iWorQ's Code Enforcement Software to help track and identify blighted homes.

Blighted properties happen when land, homes, and other structures are neglected. As a result, they become dilapidated, unsightly, and unsafe for residents. In most cases, fighting blight can be overwhelming for a community.

Code enforcement inspectors spend a lot of time inspecting and documenting violations. Once everything has been through the proper paperwork, Sunbury then sends the notices to the resident owner to correct the violation, following citations and eventually seizing the property if left ignored.

Sunbury has made great strides in solving these issues and streamlining the process for fighting issues with unsightly properties. The City has adopted iWorQ's Code Enforcement Software to easily track and identify vacant homes and other property concerns. Because the software is completely web-based, officials can pull up information about the property and track case items from a phone or tablet. The software also helps them see recent updates from other officials and creates a smoother process for the City.

Sunbury's efforts have had a positive effect on creating safer neighborhoods for residents, as well as increasing property value. Since the article's release in May 2017, we contacted City of Sunbury Code Enforcement Officer, Eric Long, who provided us with an update with what is happening with their process of tracking these homes;

Eric: "We're still continuing our process of tracking blight throughout the City and compiling data to follow or re-inspect on a bi-weekly basis. This is not a fast process, but it helps keep the process moving along."

Eric also shares the benefits of using iWorQ Code Enforcement Software to aid with the process.

Eric: "Documentation and field reports are instantly added to iWorQ program. Giving officers a place to review status as it becomes available.

The true intent is to manage the case status from first noticing the blight or public nuisance to the eminent domain process handled through the City of Sunbury Redevelopment Authority in which they apply to the Commonwealth of Pa Courts for ownership of property to be turned over to the City of Sunbury . All departments can collaborate in iWorQ program and continue documenting the status change along the way ."

The implementation of the iWorQ’s software has helped save the City time and to further keep things organized, making it easy to keep track of what's actually going on while being able to make and see updates from the field.

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