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How can license management software help your city or county?

iWorQ provides license management software that is simple to use and provides easy access to businesses, contractors, and citizens to apply for, renew, and update licenses.

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Features of iWorQ’s License Management

  • Accept online payments
  • Print licenses to custom specifications
  • Track expiration dates
  • Web-based solution
  • Secure access from any web-enabled device
  • Public portal for businesses, contractors, vendors, etc
  • Unlimited support
  • Free training
  • Quick implementation
  • Data conversion
  • Reporting
  • Scheduled, regular data backups

Because our software has fields that you can customize to fit your agency, the licensing application can be used in many different ways to manage information. With the core of the application, you can track license information including applicant name, address, expiration and renewal dates, fees, and associated files in a central location. Send renewal letters or notices, print licenses, and collect payment directly from the software, streamlining business operations.

Business Licenses - Contractor Licenses - Occupational Licenses

iWorQ’s license management gives you the freedom to utilize your current practices and procedures, while moving your operations to the web. You define the license types, categories, time frames, and fees. Licenses are printed specifically to your desired configuration, including your city or county seal, the mayor’s signature, and more. Fees are tracked, collected and reported from within the application. Use reports to reconcile accounting in a specified date range.

Streamline your agencies process by allowing business owners or contractors to apply for licenses online. You can dictate what information is required when applying and fees can also be collected. Once you've verified the submitted information, export the license into your application dashboard. Using this process, you will eliminate any repetitive data entry. Also connect any inspections, payments, and letters to a specific license to view all of your relevant license information from one window. Sort licenses by expiry dates and easily send letters to those that have an upcoming renewal date.

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