Business License Management

Streamline business license management with iWorQ’s business license application! Without an organized process it’s easy to get behind on business license renewals. Our software has fields that you can customize to fit your agency, the licensing application can be used in many different ways to manage information. With the core of the application, you can track license information including applicant name, address, expiration and renewal dates, fees, and associated files in a central location. Send renewal letters or notices, print licenses, and collect payment directly from the software, streamlining business operations.

Businesses can apply and pay for their business license online with iWorQ. You can dictate what information is required when an application is submitted online and fees can also be collected over the web. Once you’ve verified the submitted information, export the license into your application dashboard. 

Our software is built so that you can organize all of your licensing information without having to change your current processes and business practices. You define the license types, categories, time frames, and fees. Licenses are printed specifically to your desired configuration, including your city or county seal, the mayor’s signature, and more. 

Any information being collected by the systems is reportable. Saved report templates can generate information in a matter of seconds with your desired date range. You can also sort licenses by expiry dates and easily send letters to those that have an upcoming renewal date.

More iWorQ Features

iWorQ is designed to be intuitive and simple. Our team makes it easy to make the transition from another software or spreadsheets. iWorQ is completely web-based, meaning it’s securely accessible from any web-enabled device, from any location. It also features a secure login from any web-enabled device and regularly scheduled data backups.

iWorQ develops applications for municipal and county government. Customers pay an annual fee, with no additional costs for support or training. Pricing is based on population size instead of the number of users.

Unlimited training and customer support are always included with your software at no extra charge. Our support team is here to answer your questions, provide training, add users, and address any other concerns you have.

Any updates to the software are also included with your applications. We’re constantly working to improve and expand our applications to help agencies work more efficiently. 

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