#iWorQ15 conference planned August 18-19, 2015

Alexa BoseniWorQ News

LOGAN, UT – Every year iWorQ hosts an Annual Training Conference as an opportunity for one-on-one teaching, to learn about iWorQ applications, to have fun, and meet iWorQ staff. During this two-day event, people from all over the country come to The Riverwoods Conference Center in Logan, UT. This conference is an engaging way for iWorQ clients to become experts with the applications they rely on every day to manage work in their cities and counties. Guest speakers at the #iWorQ15 conference include Josh Barnett, author of “Yes I Can!,” a book about personal and professional success and Jessica Dunyon, vice president of sales and marketing at iWorQ Systems.

Josh Barnett gained his reputation of success as a leader in sales, leadership and business. He’s a top performing salesman, growing his insurance agency to one of the largest agencies in the state of Utah by applying his “Yes I Can!” principles.  Josh will inspire you as he speaks about setting goals and achieving your dreams by planning and creating systems for success both at home and at work.

Speaker #2
Jessica Dunyon is an effective and dynamic leader of teams. With nearly 15 years of management experience, Jessica has successfully used strengths-based leadership to organize individuals into groups to maximize and leverage their strengths not just for efficiency, but for high morale and employee engagement. Leading with emotional intelligence has become an industry buzzword, and Jessica outlines techniques for you to use as you interact with your colleagues, friends, and family in your daily life. Jessica joined the iWorQ team in December 2014 after 10 years of managing customer experience, selling, and marketing to city and county government in the justice sector.

Other Opportunities
One-on-one training is the primary focus for many of the cities and counties attending the conference. These individual training sessions are scheduled in advance so the iWorQ Staff can customize the training to the needs of the agency. The training can be used to set up new iWorQ applications, train new staff, or refine internal processes. The one-on-one training is a valuable part of the iWorQ conference experience. The conference agenda is geared towards increasing familiarity with iWorQ’s web-based applications, making introductions to iWorQ staff, and meeting other customers. It is enlightening for attendees to see how other agencies use iWorQ to solve problems and streamline processes. Several agencies will present how they use iWorQ, demonstrating live presentations in breakout sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday (see form below if you’d like to present).

In addition, iWorQ will present all the new features and solutions that have been added since the last user conference. The iWorQ training conference includes nearly 30 breakout sessions plus one-on-one training opportunities. Breakout sessions are focused on specific iWorQ applications and the processes and solutions that iWorQ provides. For example, one session on iWorQ Permit Management focuses on what agencies are doing with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to generate permits and complete inspections in the field.

Breakout Sessions
Some of the breakout sessions include: 1) Using Permit Management to manage inspections and plan review 2) Fleet Management, including tracking maintenance history and inventory, and using iWorQ’s Vehicle Replacement Rating (VRR) system 3) Comprehensive Work Management, including tracking employees, costs, inventory and equipment 4) Using letters to streamline code enforcement The conference includes plenty of time to interact with other iWorQ customers and meet the iWorQ staff. Group activities, including dinner, are scheduled on both days of the conference. These activities are primarily used to meet the iWorQ Staff, and get to know other iWorQ users. Lunch and dinner are provided by iWorQ on both days of the conference, and continental breakfast is served at the conference hotels