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What is FEMA?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security whose mission supports citizens and first responders to prepare, protect, respond, and recover, and mitigate from all hazards.

In 2017, several disasters including hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires have left citizens, homes, and cities distraught and desperately needing assistance.  Fortunately, FEMA helps provide supplemental assistance for state and local government recovery and has contributed in helping those affected by these disasters.

To receive funding, estimated and proposed costs must be entered into FEMA’s management system, EMMIE. This documents the scope of work and cost estimate for a project, as well as supplies FEMA with the information necessary to approve the work and cost estimate prior to funding. Along with estimate funding, FEMA requires documentation pertaining to any project. This documentation is to validate your project costs. Your documentation should include the “who, what, when, where, why, and how much” for each item of disaster recovery work.

How can iWorQ help with FEMA Reporting?

This is where iWorQ can help! iWorQ’s Work Management application is an excellent tool to help with your FEMA documentation and reporting. iWorQ’s work management can work as FEMA reporting software. With iWorQ, you can track all the necessary documentation for FEMA. Our fields are customizable so that you can create your work order form to track the project number, FEMA codes, location, work description, and work completed.  You can enter the specific costs used on each project including equipment, inventory, and employee rates. When you need to create a report, our interface is simple and our tech support is here to help. All reports can be exported into Excel or PDF documents so they can be entered to EMMIE.

Holmes County Florida recently experienced massive issues due to Hurricane Irma. Heather Meyers, FEMA project manager from Holmes County has used iWorQ in their FEMA reporting;

“We find iWorQ to be a fundamental asset to our FEMA work. We utilize iWorQ daily for multiple purposes; work documentation, equipment documentation, inventory, rates, FEMA codes, etc. As a FEMA project manager, we have to be on the roads with our employees and equipment so the app can be a very useful tool for us and the technical support has been excellent whenever we have any issues.”

To learn more about how you can use iWorQ FEMA reporting software, e-mail us at or call us at 888-655-1259

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