Credit/Debit Card Payments: Worth The Cost

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Your community members use debit and credit cards instead of cash and checks every day for in-store and online purchases. It’s no secret that there is a small fee to pay in exchange for the convenience of paying with a card. Any cost-conscious manager is aware of fees and the paper trail. But what’s in it for you? Accepting card payments may mean the difference between collecting that revenue right now and having to invoice for it later.

If you’re interested in implementing credit/debit card payments, here’s some helpful information to help you navigate the process.

First of all, credit card processing has different levels of service. What you need depends on how you do business. Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How are you taking payments now? Are your customers required to come into your office or send payment via snail mail?
  2. What kind of payment do you currently accept? Do you only accept cash or checks in the exact amount due?
  3. Do customers ask to pay with a card?

The answers to these questions help you determine what you need with regards to processing. If customers are coming into your office to make a payment for a permit, for example, you may need a physical point-of-sale device that allows you to swipe their card, and collect a signature or a PIN. Customers paying via online portal would type in their card number, along with other verification information. To accommodate both types of payments – in the office and online – you’ll want to use a processor capable of handling both types of payments to simplify accounting, saving time and money for your municipality or county. Different processors charge different transaction fees, so research the fees closely before choosing a provider.

Advantages of accepting credit/debit cards include:

  1. Convenience for your constituents
  2. Save time and money associated with reconciliation of cash and checks, including depositing cash and checks at the bank because money is deposited directly into your account.
  3. Automation of services streamlines formerly manual processes

The bottom line is that your customers expect to make payments with plastic. Accepting credit/debit card payments streamlines your business processes and adds convenience for your constituents, elevating their overall experience doing business with you. Read more about accepting credit cards via iWorQ here.

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