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Accept Credit Cards through iWorQ

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Did you know? iWorQ Systems Inc., the leader in cloud-based management applications for cities and counties, now tracks and accepts credit cards. Do you want constituents and contractors to apply for permits or licenses online? With iWorQ’s public portal, members of your community can complete the entire process online, including filling out the application, submitting payment with a credit or debit card, and printing out a completed form at the end of the process.

This saves time and money for your city and county by automating the process from start to finish – and all the fees are collected and accounted for at the end of it all. iWorQ securely processes credit card payments via a trusted, third-party payment processor, depositing money into an account of your choice at the point of sale. If you are interested in learning more about what iWorQ has to offer, please submit a demo request from this page.

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