Cost-Effective Alternative to 311 programs.

Cost-Effective Alternative to 311 programs

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TextMyGov is a powerful tool that can be used in many ways to save your municipality time and money while increasing citizen engagement.

DATAMARK Inc. (a reputable and well-established business process outsourcing company) published the article "311 Programs Improve Service to Citizens, But Cost is an Issue". The article summarizes studies showing that phone calls made to a city can be quite costly, often ranging from between $3.40 to $7.78 per call. 

If you are utilizing 311 programs for non-emergency needs, you can significantly decrease that cost while increasing citizen satisfaction by incorporating these processes with TextMyGov.

TextMyGov uses smart texting technology to assist citizens through text messages instantly. It provides a range of capability to help cities run efficiently It can relay automatic messages back to citizens, direct citizens to information and even guide them through reporting issues and filling out forms. 

Contact TextMyGov today to see a live demo. A TextMyGov specialist can assess your city's needs and help by offering recommendations, expert training, and technical support.

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 BLOG POSTED: June 29, 2021

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