City of Loris unveils TextMyGov

City of Loris Unveils TextMyGov

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A simplified way for residents to engage with the city.

The City of Loris in South Carolina had a goal to improve communication with its citizens. To help accomplish this objective, they recently purchased the smart texting application TextMyGov, a new communication tool that assists residents thru text messaging.

This new communication tool for the city was also recently featured on the local WMBF news station. The feature details how residents of Loris can use the TextMyGov phone number to connect to the city at any time of day.

Rather than calling city hall and potentially waiting on hold or attempting to locate the right person to address a problem, residents can simply send the city a text message to report an issue or find information. It is a convenient process that saves both residents and city staff time.

TextMyGov uses smart texting technology to identify keywords to assist the user accurately. For example, residents looking to report a pothole would text in the word "pothole" to the number and then be guided through steps to record the location, add some notes, and send a picture of the issue. This information is then sent to the proper city official/ department to handle the issue.

TextMyGov is a configurable application with unique flows setup for each client. Residents can also use TextMyGov to complete tasks such as applying for a building permit by texting "building permit". This keyword triggers a return from TextMyGov that provides the user with a link to submit an application. Texting "online payment" returns a link to pay their bill. The word "events" provides residents with the city calendar.

TextMyGov is a highly interactive solution and the WMBF story demonstrates how easy it is to get immediate responses. If there is an unknown input, they are logged in the system so that city officials can recognize patterns for keywords that don't have a return. The city can then easily add it to its keyword sequences to engage with citizens. This is an effective tool for understanding citizens' needs.

In addition to getting assistance from TextMyGov, residents can opt-in to receive city text message notifications. This is an efficient way for citizens to stay connected to the city and be aware of upcoming events and important news happening in the community.

If your city is looking for new ways to reach your citizens and save time, request a demo to explore how TextMyGov can simplify your city’s processes.

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 BLOG POSTED: October 12, 2021

a simplified way for residents to engage with the city.

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