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ZonePro Users Explain Why They Switched to iWorQ Systems

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Five ZonePro users discuss why they transitioned to iWorQ Systems and why they are glad they did.

Change isn’t easy. In fact, most people hate change. Recently iWorQ Systems has acquired ZP Systems, a software that many of their customers have used for years. Many of them were hesitant to leave a software they have utilized for so long. However, ZonePro users have had a great experience and are happy with the new transition to iWorQ Systems.  We had the opportunity to interview former ZonePro users and ask first hand how their experience has been so far with iWorQ.

Interview Questions

1. What features of iWorQ do you have that you didn’t before?

Bob, Poland Township, Ohio: It is cloud based and easy to learn. With iWorQ, with one screen you can see what is going on and it is more user friendly.  You can see all the details about and the property. The ease of the data and use of it is great.

Lindy, Beaver Township, Ohio: Receipts! We have had to handwrite, but with iWorQ you can print them out very easy. There is a lot of things that are better – like pictures. You can upload multiple pictures at a time and assign them to the right address. Now inputting violations and all our codes, you can highlight and paste with iWorQ instead of typing them out.

Max, Stallings, North Carolina: I like how we can login into the internet and use our iPad in the field. We can create letters, so I can add a permit and attach a letter on there and it just populates.

Rick, Beaver Township, OhioOne thing I am impressed with is iWorQ’s ability to grab all of our records, and also reproduce some of the forms (violation letters, appeals forms, etc.) and link them to our zoning cases.

2. What do you think of support and training?

David, Greenhills Village, Ohio: It was great having the same person throughout the set-up process. I didn’t take long to explain, and Joseph [our personal account manager] would understand where I was at. I could e-mail him, and he understood what was going on. Transferring data from ZonePro to iWorQ was almost instant.  He told us the things that he needed and then he would call in a few days and say it was ready! His constant oversight and support made it easy to get into the software.

Bob: Training and the support team have been great. They have been patient and knowledgeable. They solve any issues that you have.

Lindy: With our account manager’s help, anytime we have any concern or questions, he has been able to walk us through everything.

3. Overall, what do you think of iWorQ so far?

Rick: As far as the conversion time frame, I have to say it was quite short. We had a few online training sessions with one of the techs from iWorQ, and then we went live with it, probably in no more than a few days’ time. I think that iWorQ will be an asset to our operations since we have found many advantages, i.e. “cut & paste” abilities, file uploads, etc., over ZonePro, in the short time we have been using it. And, in the future, we may be able to take advantage of the online Zoning Permit Applications, online fee payments and some of the other advances, that ZonePro didn’t offer.

Bob: iWorQ has features that help with working out in the field such as taking pictures and being able to upload them. It has made the job a lot easier. [iWorQ] covers everything from zoning applications along with code enforcement in the field. It has community applications dealing with potholes and for sidewalk management. It is pretty comprehensive.

David: We are very, very happy [with iWorQ]. We had ZonePro for a long time. It wasn’t as intuitive as iWorQ. It was slow between functions. I’ve been able to digitize my work that wasn’t previously digitized. I used to do it with preprinted spreadsheets. Now I can generate letters and track activities. I got a call from a friend near a township next to us. She got a letter that ZonePro was being acquired by iWorQ. She was curious if I had switched over. I called, and it was a no brainer. It was an easy transition. The support has been great. I have already given two glowing recommendations.

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