Work Order Software

iWorQ specializes in creating municipal software solutions for Public Works and Community Development departments. Our work order software system helps you to manage the work scheduled or completed on facilities, assets, and vehicles from one dashboard.

Using the software to a work order is simple, but the software can be customized to your agency’s needs to track as many details as you would like. Because any data you are tracking is searchable and reportable, finding the data you need is quick and easy. Examples of fields you can sort your searches by include:

Status | Department | Category | Priority Classification | Completion Date

Web-based work order software allows you to have all of the details with you where ever you go, without hauling around documents, plans or any other paper copy. Agencies save time and money by being able to update information from their mobile devices while in the field. This also lets everyone with access to the software view updates to work orders in real time.

With iWorQ’s Work Management application, work orders can be created in seconds instead of minutes using templates. This process simplifies data entry by creating a new work order with a couple of clicks. Each work order also allows you to manage all of the inventory used, workers assigned to the project, hours spent on the job, and the total cost of the work order.

More iWorQ Features

iWorQ is designed to be intuitive and simple. Our team makes it easy to make the transition from another software or spreadsheets. iWorQ is completely web-based, meaning it’s securely accessible from any web-enabled device, from any location. It also features a secure login from any web-enabled device and regularly scheduled data backups.

iWorQ develops applications for municipal and county government. Customers pay an annual fee, with no additional costs for support or training. Pricing is based on population size instead of the number of users.

Unlimited training and customer support are always included with your software at no extra charge. Our support team is here to answer your questions, provide training, add users, and address any other concerns you have.

Any updates to the software are also included with your applications. We’re constantly working to improve and expand our applications to help agencies work more efficiently.

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