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iWorQ’s Work Management software can track many of the simple routine jobs that take excessive amounts of time to track. As a city or government agency, there are many jobs that you need to keep track of for various reasons, but hiring someone to do so can be costly and is not necessary. iWorQ will take care of the tracking for you. Now your employees can focus all their efforts on performing their jobs and other tasks without having to keep track of their work.

Some features of the Work Management Software include:

  • Project & Activity Codes
  • Equipment and Personnel
  • Work Order Scheduling
  • Fully Customizable
  • Automated Detailed Reports
  • Work Orders and Templates
  • Free Support
  • Free Training


Why Our Work Management Software Works

Our work management software has been used by many city and government agencies throughout the states. They have been able to cut costs significantly through this service. Our software can provide tracking and monthly reporting for many types of jobs; from snow removal to general repairs and more. As a city and government agency you are required to keep your cities and organizations tidy and orderly and running smoothly with limited funding. In order to limit unnecessary costs, you are required to track and report certain tasks.

At iWorQ, we know and understand the level of stress that can come from working for or running such agencies and making sure you are meeting certain criteria. That is why we created our work management software. We want to help make your lives and jobs easier at a fraction of the cost. Not only is our software more affordable than other software out there, but it is also extremely easy to use and we have a great team of highly skilled individuals that can train your staff to use this amazing software.

Work Management

iWorQ Work Management software can be used to track citizen complaints, work requests, and more. iWorQ is a complete work management application for tracking employees, equipment, projects, and activities. This easy-to-use Internet application allows agencies to schedule work, build custom work templates, print management reports, and track the progress of each request.

Project and Activity Codes

iWorQ will track work by project, source, department, and or activity. This allows the user to track equipment, employees, and costs by project. Using categories the user can track how much has been spent on specific tasks. These fields are customized by the user and are dynamically integrated into the entire Work Management software.

Equipment and Personnel

iWorQ Work Management can be used to track equipment costs and equipment maintenance. Users can track employee rates, and work, based on estimated and actual hours. In addition, equipment can be associated to projects, activities, problems, and the user can record the estimated and actual hours used.

Work Order Scheduling

The scheduling dashboard allows you to view work orders that have been scheduled. Set up a schedule to maintain any asset or recurring work. Easily set up preventative maintenace schedules with the associated employees, equipment, material, and inventory required to complete the work.

Easy to Customize

iWorQ Work Management can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. Users have the ability to track employees, problems, projects, and work, as well as custom database fields. In addition, any customization done by the user is completely integrated into the functions of the application, including searching, data management, and reporting.

Management Reports

iWorQ Work Management has the best standard and customizable reporting tool on the market. This easy-to-use reporting tool will allow the user to run standard reports by projects, activity, problem, date, status, and more. Standard summary reports have been included to summarize cost estimates, actual costs, cost of equipment, and cost of employees; you can also create custom reports which gives you control of what you want to include in your report.

Work Orders and Templates

Users can create work orders quickly and easily. Work orders can be created, data associated, and the work order emailed in seconds. This application can also create and store work order templates that allow the user to create standard work items like citizen complaints, potholes, and signs that are down.

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