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Stormwater Software Is the Right Tool

With the requirement of stormwater management for your city or county, having the proper tools in stormwater management is crucial. It is imperative to get samples in a small time frame but in a cost-effective manner. If a department does not have the proper tools, then they are not able to do their jobs effectively. Some tools are simple ideas, like using one-liter plastic bottles, while others are much more high tech, utilizing probes and sensors to gather data. One of the best tools to utilize is stormwater software.

iWorQ’s stormwater software will ensure more efficiency when it comes to managing your stormwater assets. Some features include...

  • Access in the field with complete mobility
  • Attachment of pictures
  • Configurable fields to meet your agency’s needs
  • Complete history or maintenance and inspections
  • Creation and attachment of work orders
  • Reports for history and asset details

iWorQ understands the complexity of municipal stormwater management systems, including finding cost-effective tools, using the right technology, and demonstrating compliance. iWorQ’s cloud-based stormwater software for MS4 compliance is easily accessible on any Internet-capable mobile device, which means your team can collect samples, perform inspections, and update data as necessary from the field. iWorQ closes technology gaps in your MS4 program in an easy-to-use application that’s quickly implemented.

Increase efficiency

With stormwater software, you can stop running to and from the office to make updates on the computer. Maintenance and inspections can be recorded in real-time with iWorQ’s mobility.

Increase security

Tracking costs, histories, and inspections can be risky if it is done on paper or spreadsheets. Items can easily be lost or removed. iWorQ’s stormwater software is secure. With updates, no information is lost.

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