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Increase Storage Space With iWorQ’s Premium Data Plan

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Why a premium data plan?

Municipalities and counties continue to evolve processes and procedures striving to improve service to constituents and make communities better places to live. iWorQ provides a framework and tools to use less paper – in some cases eliminating hard copies altogether. Signing up for a premium data plan ensures that you will have enough space for historical documents as well as future needs.

Total storage capacity

With iWorQ’s regular data limits, the maximum allowable storage is 10GB. With premium data, total capacity increases tenfold to 100 gigabytes.

Individual file upload limit

The basic data plan allows uploads of 3 megabytes per file; a limit that may restrict image upload or multi-page documents without manipulation. With a premium data plan, uploads of up to 25 megabytes per file are permissible.

Simple access

Fewer places to access data means less time searching for data. Attaching files to permits, cases, vehicles, and work orders simplifies searching for the file later.

Annotation and plans review

Does your plans review process require annotation? Upload plans directly to a record in iWorQ. Users annotate and upload new plans during the process, and the documents are accessible from any Internet-connected device. Never stress about backups, storage space, or access to documents from anywhere – it’s all hosted on the cloud and easily accessible. iWorQ’s web-based suite is developed to simplify workloads. Keep an entire project organized in iWorQ with the large individual files required.

More storage. Larger files. Learn how premium data helps you

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