Premium Data Upgrade

Premium Data Upgrade

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Premium Data Upgrade

When cities and organizations exchange data, transfer files, or share documents, details are crucial. Customers of iWorQ know this, and occasionally require large file uploads to ensure every detail remains intact. Whether it be a series of scanned documents, a high-resolution image, or any other file type, iWorQ has you covered through the Premium Data Upgrade, powered by Amazon servers. This recently launched service is secure, fast, stable, and most importantly, has the capacity to meet your organization data demands.

Total storage capacity increased to 100GB

With iWorQ’s regular data limits, the maximum allowable storage was 10GB. With the upgrade, total capacity is now increased tenfold from a tightly managed 10GB per account to a very comfortable 100GB.

Individual upload limit increased to 25MB

Customers without the Premium Data Upgrade are limited to a maximum upload size of 3MB per file; a limit which is frequently reached when attempting to transfer images, or multi-page documents. With the upgrade, you can upload individual files of up to 25 MB in size.

Centralized Data

Fewer places to access data means less time searching for data. By keeping all documents in one reliable secure location, accessing files related to specific cases or work orders has never been easier. Gone are the days of needing to remember where a specific file relating to a case is located, or guessing where somebody else may have saved the file; now it’s located directly with each case, permit, vehicle, etc.

Convenient, and Limitation-Free Work

iWorQ’s web-based suite is developed to make your efforts simple. When using the iWorQ platform, your attention should be focused solely on your task at hand; not data limitations, or lengthy technical workarounds. Keep your entire project contained within iWorQ with as many large individual files that your task may require. The beauty of the Premium Data Upgrade is that you no longer have to be conscious of data limitations, or even the software itself; instead, you simply get your job done.

Peace of mind with fewer restrictions.

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