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Easily track and maintain your buildings and assets.

iWorQ Facility Management extends the life of buildings and equipment by keeping you up to date in each asset’s management and maintenance. Track what is needed – buildings, channels, canals, treatment plants, pump stations, electrical substations, and any other asset. It meets the needs of a city, county, or town with its customizable fields, and tracks facilities and assets by department, location, asset type, and category. Track work orders, schedule maintenance, record asset information, and print management reports.

Create Work Orders

Facility Management tracks maintenance performed on buildings or assets with our helpful work orders tracking tool. Users track work completed, maintenance type, and location. After the work order has been created, the user can track parts, mechanics, and purchase orders used to complete the work order.

Schedule Maintenance

iWorQ schedules time frames to do maintenance. Users pull up a schedule to see which buildings and assets are due for maintenance and our system prioritizes the list automatically.

Parts and Inventory

Facility Management helps to make keeping track of parts and inventory easy and flexible. Users have the ability to track the number of parts on hand and set up notifications for limited quantities.

Management Reports

iWorQ has the best standard reporting tool on the market. This easy-to-use reporting tool allows the user to run standard reports that can include facility, asset, work completed, category, date, status, and more. The standard summary report will summarize each category into a readable and printable format. The custom reporting tool allows the user to build a detailed report with any information in seconds.