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iWorQ Systems, a provider in local government management solutions, now has over 60 customers in Texas. Many local governments like our Texas customers have previously used products such as PTWIN32 or Tidemark to track their data; iWorQ has great solutions for taking this existing data and implementing it into a customized tracking system. One particular customer in Texas was previously using PTWIN32, a work management program made by Black Bear Systems, and decided to switch to the iWorQ software. They liked iWorQ because of the ability to easily access data with the internet. Any local government agency can start using iWorQ’s web-based permitting solution within 2 days, and importing the existing data can be done within two weeks or less.

iWorQ Systems software can be completely customized to a customer’s needs. iWorQ helps find out the specific processes a local government uses to track and record their data. With that data, they help customers create a personalized way of tracking and reporting the activities of that specific agency.

One of iWorQ’s satisfied customers said this about the implementation process “I was amazed at how quickly we were “up and running”. Three days. Not weeks, not months, but in literally three days our existing data was integrated in the system and we were issuing permits. One of the best features of the system is its simplicity to the end user. All of the data is in an easy to understand format, and customizable to our community’s needs. The time to learn how to functionally use the system is minimal.”

Through iWorQ’s data implementing process customers in Texas and other areas were able to get their web-based solution in no time.

Setup Process

The primary steps of the process include:

  1. Identifying the types of permits and forms that are used
  2. Document the inspection sheets and data formats
  3. Analyzing the permit fields and the database they are stored in
  4. Updating the parcel information (if the data is associated to parcel #)
  5. Associating the contractor information and licenses
  6. Training and implementation

iWorQ staff has the experience and expertise to help any agency convert their data from a standard database such as Access, Tidemark, and BluePrince using this process. If local governments are not currently using a tracking program, data can also be easily imported from a spreadsheet. Once an agency switches to the iWorQ software, the permits, forms, and inspection sheets can be customized to look exactly like the forms they are currently using.

Another great feature of iWorQ Systems is the ability to use the software anywhere online. Most of the current management applications for local governments are not portable in a world that is constantly moving; although they serve a purpose most are not usable on the go. iWorQ Systems has the solution, providing a service for local governments to access their information in any location with an internet connection.

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