National Public Works Week

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May 17-23, 2020

Public Works organizations play a vital role in the operations of cities and counties everyday throughout the United States, and people across North America are coming together to celebrate National Public Works Week (NPWW) May 17-23, 2020.

NPWW is an annual celebration that was established by the American Public Works Association (APWA) in 1960. It recognizes Public Works departments for their efforts and services that keep our infrastructures strong. These services ensure that our roads, sidewalks, water, trees, and sewer systems are properly maintained. They keep our streets plowed in the winter, our parks watered and mowed in the summer, and are there during emergencies to keep us safe in storms and repair our communities.

APWA announced this year's NPWW theme as "Rhythm of Public Works." The theme illustrates how public works departments have many instruments that together create a rhythm and momentum that pushes our communities forward. APWA also recently released a virtual guide that allows communities to get involved during this time online.

Public Works Departments make up a large part of iWorQ's client base. We are happy to work with these individuals that have such a big impact on the quality of our environment.

iWorQ Systems provides a suite of cloud-based software solutions that help Public Works with their day to day processes. These software applications include Work Management, Facility Management, Fleet Management, Water System, Sewer Management, Pavement Management, Sign Management, Asset Management, FEMA reporting, and more!!

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